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Waist liposuction in Istanbul 2022

Waist liposuction in Istanbul 2022

Many people want to have a perfect and beautiful body, so you see them doing everything in their power to achieve this goal. Perhaps the waist is one of the most important parts of the body because it reflects the consistency of the body. There are many ways to use it: a slim waist, either through liposuction, or slimming. Waist, waist slimming and other surgeries, or the use of instruments. No need for surgery as a waist slimming device.

What is the process of liposuction of the waist? 

  • Liposuction is one of the most common operations in the waist and abdomen area.
  • It helps to get rid of the accumulated fat in some different parts of the body, especially the abdomen and waist area.
  • It also sculpts multiple parts of the body for a more toned and beautiful look.
  • It is also used as an adjunct to other cosmetic procedures such as belly fat removal, breast reduction and facelift.
  • Helps tighten the body and highlight its beauty.
  • Long lasting results.

Candidates for waist liposuction 

  • The patient’s body mass index (BMI) should not exceed 30.
  • Removing fat from certain areas of the body, such as the waist and abdomen.
  • The patient’s skin should be flexible.
  • The patient should not be a smoker.

How to prepare for the operation of waist liposuction – sculpting the waist and abdomen 

Waist liposuction, Abdominal liposuction, Waist sculpting, Waist liposuction, Liposuction process, Waist sculpting, Waist sculpting with liposuction, Waist liposuction in Istanbul

Waist liposuction, Abdominal liposuction, Waist sculpting, Waist liposuction, Liposuction process, Waist sculpting, Waist sculpting with liposuction, Waist liposuction in Istanbul

  • The patient should undergo a laboratory analysis to test the blood clotting rate, coagulation speed and blood glucose analysis.
  • Your doctor will review your medical history and medications with you to ensure your health.
  • You should tell your doctor the list of medicines you are taking.
  • Stop taking blood thinners.
  • Tell your doctor if you have had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic.


Steps and stages of the waist sculpting process – waist liposuction 

The first step: preparing the patient for the operation

  • Determine the areas where you want to remove the accumulated fat and make a preliminary shape of the target result.
  • The doctor injects a large amount of lidocaine, epinephrine, and a saline solution into the area for liposuction.
  • This liquid helps dissolve the accumulated fat, which reduces the possibility of bruising, bleeding and any damage to the skin and muscle tissue. Lidocaine helps numb the area.

Step Two: Open the incisions

  • Make a small incision in an inconspicuous place no more than half a centimeter wide or less.
  • The doctor inserts a metal cannula (tube) whose diameter varies depending on where the liposuction is performed.
  • The opening of this cannula is not tapered to avoid any damage to blood vessels, muscle cells and skin, and it has a side opening through which the extracted fat drains.
  • The cannula is connected to a liposuction machine or a large syringe that the doctor inserts and removes several times to penetrate the fat cells and extract the fat from them.
  • Liposuction takes one to two hours, depending on the conditions and technique used.

Step Three: Close the incision and end the surgery

The incision is closed with a cosmetic suture so that no traces or scars are left after the operation.

Questions Patients Ask Their Doctor Before Surgery

  • What is the right technique for my case?
  • What are the expected results?
  • Are there potential complications?
  • What precautions should be taken before and after surgery?
  • When can I return to my normal life?
  • Will I need multiple sessions?
  • How much will the operation cost?
  • When can I notice the results of the operation?
  • Are the results permanent?

Recovery after waist liposuction 

  • The recovery period from waist reduction surgery is up to 6 months.
  • Patients can return to work a week after surgery.
  • The bruising disappears after a few days of the operation.
  • Some doctors recommend wearing a compression bandage over the wound site, which reduces swelling, as well as applying pressure to the skin to conform to the new waist shape.
  • If the swelling worsens, your doctor may prescribe small drains to drain the excess fluid.
  • The final results of the surgery came 6 months after the surgery.

How long does the effect of slimming the waist and abdomen last?

  • The results of the waist slimming procedure are expected to last for a long time.
  • After recovering from swelling and bruising, patients should follow a balanced diet.
  • Patients should exercise regularly to get the desired results.


Food and medication after waist sculpting surgery 

  • Take the prescribed dose of antibiotics for the duration of your recovery.
  • You can take painkillers if necessary.
  • The foods patients should eat are good sources of vitamins and minerals needed to complete the healing process.
  • Eat foods rich in natural fibers that aid in digestion.
  • Avoid constipation that can put pressure on the surgical site.
  • Patients must remain hydrated.
  • This is done by eating an appropriate amount of:
    • water
    • Eat fruit.
    • A fluid-rich plant that increases skin moisture and elasticity.

Waist liposuction risks 

Waist liposuction, Abdominal liposuction, Waist sculpting, Waist liposuction, Liposuction process, Waist sculpting, Waist sculpting with liposuction, Waist liposuction in Istanbul

Waist liposuction, Abdominal liposuction, Waist sculpting, Waist liposuction, Liposuction process, Waist sculpting, Waist sculpting with liposuction, Waist liposuction in Istanbul

  • Risks arising from anesthesia.
  • The presence of traces of bruising.
  • Change in skin sensation.
  • Damage to some internal organs, such as the abdominal organs.
  • Development of deep vessel thrombosis (DVT) and some cardiopulmonary complications.
  • Fluid accumulation in the body.
  • Bacterial infection occurs as a result of contamination of the wound site.
  • The final shape after surgery was inconsistent, with irregular features in the lumbar region.
  • The appearance of pigmentation on the skin irregularly.
  • Persistent swelling in the area of ​​the surgery.
  • The wound did not heal well.
  • Sometimes exacerbation of the problem of cellulite.
  • Ultrasound technology and waist liposuction can cause skin burns.

Waist sculpting cost – waist liposuction 

Medical centers in Turkey are superior to other international medical centers and hospitals with their quality and reasonable prices.

The transaction price depends on various variables such as:

  • Medical team experience.
  • The technique used.
  • The number of procedures the patient needs.
  • The appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

The cost of tummy tuck surgery in Turkey ranges from $2000 to $5000.

Here is the list of liposuction prices in Turkey as follows:

body sculpting procedure lower cost highest cost Duration of stay
tummy tuck 1500 dollars 2000 dollars 3 days
lower body tightening 2000 dollars 3000 Dollars 4 days
upper body lift 2000 dollars 3000 Dollars 4 days
buttock lift 1500 dollars 2000 dollars 3 days
breast lift 1200 dollars 1800 dollars tow days
arm lift 1000 dollars 1500 dollars tow days
Total liposuction 2000 dollars 3000 Dollars 3 days

Types of liposuction and waist sculpting 

1- Waist liposuction procedure 

  • Waist sculpting surgery is one of the oldest options for surgical waist sculpting.
  • Surgery has potential side effects and doctors will only resort to it when necessary.

2- Ultrasound 

  • The technology focuses on high-frequency ultrasound.
  • Ultrasound waves dissolve excess fat cells and remove them from the body.

3- sound waves 

  • This technique exposes the excess fat cells to a certain amount of sound energy, which causes them to be eliminated.
  • The technology also targets the water inside the cells.
  • Doctors advise patients to drink water before surgery to maintain hydration levels in the body and achieve proper results.

4- Vaser body sculpting process 

  • In this technique, a laser beam of a specific wavelength is used to melt the fat cells with heat.
  • The laser cools the skin so that the heat from the laser does not damage the skin.
  • Sessions last about 25 minutes, depending on the target area.
  • Results began to appear after about 6 weeks.

5- Cool Sculpting for liposuction 

  • This technique is one of the latest techniques used to get rid of the stubborn fat accumulated in certain areas of the body.
  • It does this by freezing fat cells, which leads to their death.
  • Then the body gets rid of it in a natural way.
  • The freezing method only affects fat cells that are sensitive to cooling.
  • While it does not affect other cells of the body.
  • The results are not visible until after several months.
  • The process is done by placing the device on a specific area, tightening a portion of the skin, and freezing the fat cells for a specified period of time before breaking them up.
  • This technique requires several sessions to achieve the desired result.
  • It takes between 30 to 60 minutes.

Waist and abdomen sculpting device 

  • Waist slimming devices have become an alternative to liposuction without surgery, scarring, or long recovery periods.
  • The results of these devices are very similar to the results of surgery to break up and remove subcutaneous fat.
  • Do not use the device as a means to lose weight.
  • For people who are not obese, it helps to get rid of excess fat in the waist and abdomen area, but instead targets the accumulated fat that is not affected by diet or exercise.
  • It’s not a way to lose weight, it’s a way to improve your body.

Types of waist and abdomen slimming devices

Abdominal and waist slimming devices vary according to the technology used, we offer you the most important types of these devices as follows:


  • The device is based on “fat freezing” technology to get rid of fat cells by cooling them intensively.
  • The device is placed on the waist and abdomen area.
  • The device delivers temperatures low enough to cool, break up and eliminate fat cells.
  • Cold temperatures do not negatively affect other tissues and cells in the body because skin, muscle, and nerve tissue freeze at lower temperatures than fat cells.
  • A single exposure to the device affects 25% of the fat that is eliminated.
  • The patient needs two sessions to get the desired shape.
  • Each session lasts from 35 to 60 minutes.
  • After treatment, patients may experience some minor side effects, such as redness, slight swelling or numbness, and may be accompanied by an unpleasant feeling of extreme cold.
  • Final results can be seen about two months after starting treatment.
  • Doctors advise patients to follow the advice and instructions to get the desired results.


  • The device uses laser technology to break up and remove fat from the waist and abdomen through the heat emitted by the laser beam.
  • The wavelength of the laser beam does not harm the skin.
  • There is also a constant cooling mechanism that ensures that the skin does not get burned.
  • These rays penetrate the skin and cause the fat cells to break down.
  • These laser treatments feature a thinner waist and abdomen and are completely painless.
  • One session lasts only 25 minutes.
  • Results are visible after only 6 weeks.
  • Patients must maintain their weight to ensure long-term results.

Third: Ultrasound devices  

  • Ultrasound equipment is used to slim the waist and abdomen and break down the walls of fat cells.
  • The body excretes the dissolved fats through the bloodstream.
  • It does not cause any harm to other surrounding body tissues.
  • Patients need one to three ultrasound sessions.
  • Separate each session from the other for a period of two weeks.
  • Final results can be seen in approximately 12 weeks.

Fourth: ULTRASLIM device

  • The device relies on the use of infrared rays to reduce the size of fat cells under the skin instead of destroying and removing them.
  • This uses specific wavelengths that are emitted by specialized LEDs.
  • This red light stimulates fat cells to form small pores in them and release some of their contents, reducing their size.
  • Results are visible immediately a few hours after the session is completed.
  • The procedure takes a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • In order for these results to last longer, it is necessary to maintain your weight and follow a moderate diet.

Advantages of the process of sculpting the waist and abdomen – the process of liposuction of the waist 

  • Patients can return to their normal lives within a few days.
  • No scars or surgical incisions.
  • Fewer possible side effects.
  • Sustainability of results as long as the patient maintains his weight.

Complications that may occur after thigh liposuction 

  • flushing;
  • Swelling and bruising that may last for several hours.

With CoolSculpting, a person may experience:

  • Sensation of skin pulling in the treated area.
  • Pain or tingling in the area exposed to the cold may persist for up to two weeks after treatment.
  • Redness, swelling or skin irritation and sensitivity in the treated area.
  • In some rare cases, this technique can lead to a reversible fat enlargement known as paradoxical fatty dysplasia (PAH), which occurs more often in men than in women.

 After liposuction of the thighs

  • Bleeding may occur.
  • There is a certain amount of damage to the skin and muscle tissue, which requires further medical attention after the procedure is complete.
  • A relative must accompany you to bring you home.
  • Patients should avoid driving after surgery.
  • Some side effects may occur, such as confusion, difficulty concentrating, and drowsiness.

Frequently asked questions about waist liposuction 

Results can be seen immediately after the procedure is completed.
The recovery period after buttock liposuction is from 10 days to 3 months.
During this time, the tumor and bruise will disappear, increasing the visibility of the desired result.

The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.
The patient will not feel any pain during the operation.
Patients may experience some pain after surgery, which can be easily managed with prescribed pain relievers.

The skin needs some stages and it takes some time to adapt to the changes in the body.
The probability of regaining the shape of the tightened skin after surgery depends on the percentage of elasticity of the skin in different situations.

Depending on the condition, the technique used, and the mass of fat being targeted, your doctor may use general or local anesthesia.

Initially, you may need a week to recover and be able to do moderate activity again.
Complete recovery after 6 months from the date of surgery.



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