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Vaginoplasty – narrowing the vagina

Vaginoplasty – narrowing the vagina

 Vaginal narrowing operations are very important procedures for women to maintain a positive order in their sexual life. Vaginal plastic surgery is one of the most effective solutions for women who give birth suffering from postpartum effects, especially with the stretching that was occurring in addition to problems when having wrong sex, which causes swelling and relaxation in the muscles of the vagina 

In this case, it is preferable to undergo a vaginal narrowing procedure, which has a negative impact on both the woman and the partner. In general, this can also be seen in younger girls as well as in adult women and this condition is caused by collagen. 

Although surgical intervention is more common in vaginal stenosis surgery, it is a condition that can be treated with laser and radiofrequency. The surgery can be performed without scars.

How to perform vaginoplasty

Vaginal plastic surgery, Vaginal narrowing process, Vaginal narrowing, Vaginal cosmetic surgery, Vaginal cosmetic surgery

Vaginal plastic surgery, Vaginal narrowing process, Vaginal narrowing, Vaginal cosmetic surgery, Vaginal cosmetic surgery

The goal of the surgery is to shrink the dilated vaginal area. Vaginal tightening applications are performed in the form of narrowing the area by removing the vaginal tissue where the stretching is. The application is done by interfering with the vagina only without the need for surgical incisions in any area of ​​application. The operation takes from 30 to 40 minutes and is carried out by minimizing the entry and stitching of the vagina.

The operation must be performed under general anesthesia because it is a surgical operation. The process begins with determining whether the patient is suitable for the price of vaginal narrowing at the examination stage. Before the procedure, information must be obtained about whether all the applied methods are included in the price of vaginal narrowing. The stricture is usually 1-4 cm in size. While the decision is made entirely by the specialist, implementation is carried out by defining a plan regarding the operations to be carried out during the medical examination.

Why is vaginoplasty performed

Vaginal plastic surgery, Vaginal narrowing process, Vaginal narrowing, Vaginal cosmetic surgery, Vaginal cosmetic surgery

Vaginal plastic surgery, Vaginal narrowing process, Vaginal narrowing, Vaginal cosmetic surgery, Vaginal cosmetic surgery

The vaginal laxity experienced by women who have had difficult or multiple deliveries can negatively affect their sex lives. It was chosen for vaginal narrowing operations because this condition affects men just as badly as it affects women.

It is a useful process to increase a woman’s self-confidence, eliminate sex negativity, prevent incontinence that may occur over time, eliminate sounds during intercourse, repair the effects of childbirth, pain of first penetration, etc.

In addition to these reasons, women also benefit from having an orgasm. While it is impossible to feel an orgasm when the vagina is enlarged, it is possible after vaginal tightening surgery. Treatment plans and prices for vaginal tightening surgery are determined specifically for the patient, as the price of vaginal narrowing surgery can also vary from patient to patient.

It is absolutely necessary to use this process to restore order and previous sexual life. Women with such problems are advised to consult a doctor and get information on how to perform the procedure and the benefits it will provide

Before vaginoplasty – narrowing the vagina 

It is important that you are 18 years of age and some tests should be done to ensure that the procedure is appropriate and vaginal stenosis surgery to be performed for each application that requires surgery. A medical examination by a specialist for the test will make the procedure positive and provide the possibility to determine its suitability. Who are the medical examinations performed by obstetricians and gynecologists necessary to provide the ability to plan and undergo surgery. Like vaginal surgery after childbirth

Vaginal tightening surgery offers very important advantages in terms of quick recovery in professional and social life, providing comfortable sexual practice after surgery. A medical examination should be performed before surgery, then an analysis designed to provide information on the price of vaginal narrowing surgery, and surgery should begin with making such a decision, the first born

The risks involved during each procedure also apply to this procedure because it is a surgical procedure. Most important is the risk of infection during surgery. To eliminate the risks, it is absolutely essential to use the antibiotics recommended by the experts.

After Vaginoplasty


Since the stitches used in vaginal tightening to get rid of vaginal sagging are self-dissolving, there is no need to remove the stitches and it may take up to 15 days for the stitches to dissolve. The patient’s recovery period may vary depending on her health. This operation can often be done easily without breaking away from social life. Discharged on the same day without hospitalization. You can take a shower 6-8 hours after narrowing the vagina and treating the narrowing

Specialists will provide information about sexual intercourse, and it is not recommended to have sex before 4-6 weeks after surgery. Also, 6 weeks in swimming pools and the sea is considered unsuitable in terms of injury. Women undergoing vaginal narrowing surgery should stay away from liquid foods or foods that may cause constipation for at least a week.

Care must be taken to clean and clean the vagina to prevent the risk of infection, as the narrowness of the vagina and pregnancy control the heart of the woman. Sexual contact should be avoided and antibiotics recommended by the doctor should be used for a certain period of time. The operation does not leave scars after surgery. The reason is that the intervention is performed through the vagina without complete surgery 

Vaginoplasty cost in Turkey 

Turkey is considered one of the least expensive countries in plastic surgery in general, thanks to government support for the cosmetic and medical tourism sector and the large number of specialized cosmetic doctors 

Vaginoplasty costs range from $2000 to $4,000, including accommodation and clinical examination 





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