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Butt augmentation surgery

Butt augmentation surgery

The buttocks or the buttocks is one of the places that you may suffer from drooping and drooping with age, especially after the age of forty, or when you follow a certain type of harsh diet and lose a lot of weight, which negatively affects the shape and texture of the butt

And since the shape of the butt preoccupies the minds of many women, most of them have started searching for an effective and safe way to get a tight and attractive butt

Buttock plastic surgery is one of the plastic surgeries that have spread widely in recent times, which women perform to obtain a slim body and the consistency of all body parts with each other.

Candidates for buttock augmentation surgery  

Women who suffer from sagging skin on the back.

Women who suffer from small butt size compared to their body.

Women who suffer from atrophy in the back muscles

Women who suffer from asymmetric buttocks or buttocks due to the appearance of signs of aging or weight loss within a short period, which led to a lack of fat in one area and its survival in another

When do you choose butt lift surgery?

Butt lift surgery, like other cosmetic procedures, has certain conditions to obtain the desired result, and these conditions include:

That the woman enjoys good health and does not suffer from chronic diseases such as heart, blood pressure and diabetes

No allergy to anesthetics

Buttock augmentation with silicone

Buttock augmentation with silicone implants is performed under general anesthesia

The specialist surgeon makes an incision on the patient’s body in the upper or lower back area, then using an electronic device, the surgeon carefully cuts the layer under the skin to reach the tissue between the muscles

According to the size and shape of the filling, the place is opened to place the silicone between the muscles, which is called the filling bag

After placing the filling in the desired place. Then the surgeon sews up the incision with sutures. These sutures are of an absorbable type and are absorbed into the body tissues within several days

In the final step, a bandage is placed over the suture site to prevent infection and to aid in wound healing.


Buttock augmentation with fat grafting

In some cases, silicone implant technology is not required, so self-fat injection is used

This technique is suitable for those who want to get prominence and roundness

The fat is withdrawn from the body itself, and the doctor chooses the place that contains excess fat accumulations, such as the thighs and abdomen, and then injects the drawn fat into the buttocks in several points, up to 12 points, to give you a round and prominent butt

This operation is performed under the influence of local anesthesia, and the results remain for up to nine months, and then the injected fat begins to disintegrate


In most cases, the doctor will suggest a tightening of the skin of the buttocks with the augmentation process, and this procedure is necessary for those who suffer from loose skin or the presence of growths in it (cellulite).


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