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How to tell the original honey from adulterated

How to tell the original honey from adulterated


Honey is one of the most complete and beneficial nutrients, because it contains a high percentage of vitamins, sugars, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and many elements necessary for the health of the body, and many people are keen to eat honey because it contains large amounts of antioxidants that help Cleansing the body of toxins, and preventing many diseases, so everyone is looking for the best ways to distinguish between the original pure honey to benefit from its benefits and adulterated honey

The original honey is honey that comes directly from the beehives and is not manufactured in laboratories and factories
. As for adulterated honey, it is honey to which many substances are added to take the texture and color of the original honey, and it lacks the benefits of the original honey, but its texture and shape are very similar to the original honey, and to distinguish between them there Several tests can be tried to confirm whether honey is genuine or adulterated


How do you know the original honey from adulterated or unnatural? 

The original honey from adulterated, the original honey, how do you know the original honey

The original honey from adulterated, the original honey, how do you know the original honey

The original types of honey share many specifications, including: density, flammability, and their ability to dissolve, so you will see that the tests will be based on those specifications.

We can know the original honey from adulterated by conducting one of the following tests:


  • water test

By putting a little honey in a glass of water, and waiting for several minutes. If the honey melts quickly, it is adulterated and is often adulterated with sugar or molasses. If the honey remains at the bottom of the cup, this means that the honey is original.


  • thumb test

The thumb test is one of the simple tests that can be applied easily, and we will now mention the steps for applying the thumb test to make sure that honey is genuine or adulterated:

First, we put a small drop of honey on the thumb of the hand. If the honey spreads quickly on the finger, it is adulterated, but if it remains firm on the finger, it is original honey.

Genuine honey sticks more to the surface it is on, unlike adulterated honey.


  • flame test


The original natural honey is flammable. We take a dry match and dip it in a little honey and try to ignite the match from the matchbox. If the honey is adulterated, the match when ignited slowly lights up and then disappears, and it may emit the smell of burnt sugar, or the appearance of smoke.
The reason for not igniting the match may be moisture, as honey can be adulterated with water

If the match ignites easily without the appearance of smoke, then it is original honey.

Please be careful when trying this type of test.


  • Blotting paper (paper towel) test

One of the characteristics of original honey is that it has a high density, so blotting paper will reveal whether the honey is original or adulterated

This is done by placing a small amount of honey on a blotting paper and waiting for a few minutes

If the paper absorbs honey, this means that the honey is diluted with sugar and therefore adulterated

If the honey remains on the surface of the paper and is not absorbed, it is original honey


  • spill test

By pouring honey into a bowl and paying attention to the shape of the spill. If the spill is continuous, it is original honey, but if the spill is intermittent, it is adulterated honey.

Tips when buying honey

When you want to buy honey, it is best to consider the following things:

  • Ensure that the lid of the honey pot is tightly closed when purchasing it.
  • Buying honey from its primary sources, it is preferable to buy it from apiaries to ensure that the honey is original and not adulterated.
  • Get rid of adulterated honey directly when you know that it is adulterated and not use it in any way, because it most likely contains high amounts of sugar that are harmful to the health of the body.



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