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Disadvantages and benefits of masturbation

Disadvantages and benefits of masturbation


Masturbation or masturbation is the manual stimulation of the male and female genitals to achieve orgasm without sexual contact with another partner.

Masturbation is mostly prevalent among teens and young adults as well as some adults. It is estimated that 90% of young adults and 60-80% of women in the United States masturbate once or more in their lives.

  1. Reasons for resorting to masturbation
  2. Methods of masturbation
  3. Benefits of masturbation
  4. masturbation in girls
  5. Will you lose your virginity because of masturbation?
  6. masturbation side effects
  7. Does masturbation cause cancer?
  8. Does masturbation affect sperm?

Reasons for resorting to masturbation

Masturbation is a common practice at all ages, and among the reasons for resorting to masturbation is to relieve sexual tension and achieve sexual pleasure, but also for reasons that vary from person to person (such as avoiding pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases).

Some also resort to masturbation to obtain a semen sample for fertility testing.

Methods of masturbation

The methods of masturbation vary from person to person, but in general, methods of masturbation for both sexes involve friction or pressure on the genital area.

The method of masturbation depends on a person’s preferences and the areas that can lead to orgasm when stimulated, such as the areas around the vagina or inside a woman’s vagina.

The amount of masturbation also varies from person to person, some people do it daily, others do it weekly or monthly.

Benefits of masturbation 

The harms and benefits of masturbation, the benefits of masturbation, the harms of masturbation, masturbation in females

The harms and benefits of masturbation, the benefits of masturbation, the harms of masturbation, masturbation in females

Many in the mental health community believe that masturbation, or moderation, may provide a variety of health and psychological benefits, the most important of which are:

  • Reducing depression,  raising a sense of self-confidence.
  • Compared to having sex with others, you can avoid the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Stimulating the process of self-enjoyment through masturbation is an important therapeutic basis, especially in cases of female frigidity and male problems with erectile dysfunction, impotence or premature ejaculation.
  • Obtaining semen for reproductive procedures, such as IVF and IVF, at a sperm bank or fertility clinic, where a special room can be designated where individuals can masturbate to produce semen and use it to treat infertility. Most of the sperm used by the donor and all donated sperm are produced by masturbation via sperm banks and sperm donors.

Female masturbation

Women masturbate by stimulating the vagina or the area around it, and it is estimated that women masturbate at a similar rate to men.

Will you lose your virginity because of masturbation?

The problem of virginity haunts the hearts of many girls who practice masturbation, especially the girl who cannot see the hymen when examining herself. Does this mean that she has lost her virginity? Find out the answers below:

  • The hymen is less likely to rupture due to masturbation. This is limited to touching the vulva and clitoris (clitoris), but repeatedly inserting objects into the vagina, especially violently, may actually cause the hymen to rupture.
  • In some girls, from birth, the hymen is so thin that it doesn’t appear to be there, and over time, most hymens, even without sexual activity, can cause a thinning of the hymen. The body’s estrogen secretion, normal vaginal secretions, menstrual cycle, physical activity, etc.

masturbation side effects

Masturbation is thought to be harmful, such as causing frigidity or reproductive problems, but when done in moderation, it’s generally a safe practice, but addiction and excessive masturbation can lead to some complications.

Examples of harms and complications of masturbation include:

  • Psychological and neurological complications  Guilt, inadequacy, distrust, introversion and shame.
  • Skin irritation in the genital area due to friction, but using a lot of lubricant can prevent this from happening and the inflammation will disappear within a few days.
  • There are several studies confirming the contribution of masturbation to weight gain 
  • Masturbation may turn into addiction and the formation of desires not to marry or discomfort in a normal sexual relationship 

Does masturbation cause cancer?

Masturbation is safe and does not cause cancer. Conversely, male masturbation may reduce the chance of developing prostate cancer, but more research is needed to prove this effect.

Does masturbation affect sperm?

Male masturbation does not harm fertility and does not affect sperm.


It is important to know: 

  • It is harmful to masturbate frequently or daily, as this will cause your body to lose magnesium and make you feel tired 
  • The practice of masturbation while watching pornographic content is one of the most harmful practices to the nerves and the brain, the visual pornographic content is highly affecting the mind and causes many psychological and mental illnesses 



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