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Laser tattoo removal – tattoo removal in Turkey

Laser tattoo removal – tattoo removal in Turkey

Tattoos on the body are common among young people and in some societies, especially in Eastern Europe and South America, and a little in our Arab world. It is not known exactly how tattoos began, but it is one of the things that some people see add a touch of aesthetics and attractiveness to their bodies, recent scientific studies have revealed damages Tattoos and their disadvantages on physical and even psychological health 

Some people even wanted to get rid of tattoos in non-medical and unsafe ways because of their remorse, and the tattoo turned into a sign that reminds them of days they don’t want to remember. 

In some cases, some companies or institutions refuse to hire tattoo owners, in addition to the fact that the tattoo owner will ask him for a lot of tests before donating blood 

Now, tattoos can be removed with a laser, with safe technology, and at reasonable prices 


Here’s some quick info about the session:

Anesthesia Not required (sufficient ice packs)
Operation Duration 15-45 minutes
Appearance and durability of results The results are permanent but begin to appear gradually
convalescence There is no
the cost  150-250 Euros approx 
The number of sessions required  6 – 8 sessions 

How laser tattoo removal is done in Turkey! 

Laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal, tattoo removal in Turkey, tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal, tattoo removal in Turkey, tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is one of the latest and safest technologies. A highly focused laser beam is used to destroy the pigment particles in tattoos of all colors, from dark to light. Depending on criteria such as the size of the tattoo, the depth of color in the layers of the skin, the duration of the tattoo, or its location on the body, a person may need 3 to 8 sessions. Complete laser tattoo removal. The type and quality of the laser equipment used also plays a role in determining the number of sessions. Laser treatment does not require anesthesia because the effect of the laser is very simple, but you can use some ice packs to moisturize the skin. The treatment takes 15 to 30 minutes, and the doctor cooperates. The patient evaluated the number of treatments required before removing the tattoo completely.


Candidates for laser tattoo removal sessions

  • Those over the age of 18.
  • For anyone who does not want the look of a tattoo that he had at least 6 weeks ago.

Who can not perform tattoo removal 

  • For people with skin problems such as flaking and irritation due to tattoos. Therefore, the laser tattoo removal process takes at least 30-45 days to complete the tattoo.
  • People with any skin condition should not do this procedure.

Who performs laser tattoo removal operations?

Like any other procedure, laser tattoo removal should only be performed by experts in the field. Due to the simplicity of the procedure, it can be performed by anyone with proper medical training, such as a dermatologist, 

Anesthesia used for tattoo removal 

Laser tattoo removal does not require anesthesia. However, some people’s skin may feel slightly sensitive or sore from the laser beam. To prevent this, an ice pack can be used to reduce the sensation of the laser beam on the skin.

Devices used for laser tattoo removal

Q-Switch ND YAG Device

Q-switched nd yag wavelength: The wavelength ranges from 1064 nm to 532 nm. Single shot energy is 1500mJ. Choose and based on the appropriate wavelength for the type of tattoo. effect in ns. Tattoo ink breaks when exposed to light. The cells absorb the remaining dye residue. This type of x-ray is more effective for black tattoos and can give results in a short time. As for the effect of tattoos on different colors such as violet and green, it has little effect compared to that of black tattoos and can be given for a longer period of time.

 pico laser

More advanced than Q switches. It has dual wavelengths of 755 nm and 532 nm. It is most effective for all tattoo colors due to the pulse time of 550-750 pico per second, it breaks the color pigments into very small parts in a very fast and extremely short time, allowing them to be absorbed and removed from the body.

Stages of the laser tattoo removal process in Turkey

Laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal, tattoo removal in Turkey, tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal, tattoo removal in Turkey, tattoo removal

Before the laser session

Discuss with a specialist to determine the color and size of the tattoo, the number of treatments to be performed, the time interval between each treatment and the next, and the purpose of the treatment. Reduces the effects of the laser on the skin.

  1. During the laser session first, the patient wears a mask or goggles to protect the eye from the laser, then the specialist cleans the tattooed area and applies a moisturizing or anesthetic cream, then the laser beam completely falls from the tattoo. Finally, apply moisturizer to prevent burns and irritation. Treatment duration is between 10-30 minutes, depending on the size of the tattoo.
  2. After the laser session, the color of the tattoo will fade after the treatment is completed, and these treatments are repeated according to the condition of the tattoo until it disappears completely. The darker the tattoo and the more color it will be, the more sessions will be required. In addition to other factors such as color and type. For example, using a laser on dark tattoos may work better than light tattoos. Criteria such as skin tone, tattoo location and time play a role in determining the number of sessions to be applied. Ultimately, the type of laser used plays a major role in the quality of laser tattoo removal.

Instructions after laser tattoo removal session 

  • If redness occurs, use a cold compress.
  • Use a moisturizing cream.
  • Avoid using perfume and makeup on treated skin.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Sunscreen should be applied to the face area.
  • After laser tattoo removal, procedures such as hair removal, peeling and skin care cannot be performed for one month.
  • Creams should be used regularly.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser tattoo removal


  • A non-surgical procedure that does not require anesthesia.
  • A person gets rid of unwanted tattoos permanently.
  • Harmless to skin.
  • In darker colours, the results are impressive.


  • Some color tattoos may not be completely erasable
  • The number of sessions increases according to the size and color of the tattoo.

Side effects of laser tattoo removal

skin redness;

Uneven skin color may appear after treatment.

Scars may remain on the skin in rare cases.

Laser tattoo removal in Istanbul 

Laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal, tattoo removal in Turkey, tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal, tattoo removal in Turkey, tattoo removal

Today, Turkey leads many countries in beauty and wellness tourism for various reasons, and many people visit beauty centers and hospitals every day for laser tattoo removal. Istanbul is the destination of choice for many for a number of reasons, including Turkey’s geographic location, high level and advanced expertise in aesthetic medicine and other cosmetic procedures.


You can get all the details about laser tattoo removal by contacting us here 


The cost of laser tattoo removal in Turkey 

Compared to other countries whose prices range from 180 to 450 euros, the costs of laser tattoo removal in Turkey are suitable for many people. Many factors such as the color, shape and size of the tattoo can change the price. As Turk Aesthetic, we always strive to offer high quality and affordable offers, with an estimated price of €180 per session in our center.

Frequently asked questions about tattoo removal 

How long does a laser tattoo removal session take?

The duration can be determined according to various parameters such as the size of the tattoo, and it takes 15-45 minutes on average.

Is a laser tattoo removal session safe?

Using lasers for tattoo removal is completely risk-free and safe.

Is it possible to get rid of tattoos permanently?

Depending on the color used for tattooing and the time of tattooing, it is almost completely erased.

How many sessions does laser tattoo removal take?

Between 3-8 times, the number of times can be determined according to the nature of the tattoo

What is the interval between laser tattoo removal treatments?

30 days minimum or 40 days maximum.

What is the appropriate age for laser tattoo removal?

Preferably over 18 years of age.

Can tattoos of different colors be removed by laser?

Yes, it can be erased, but it probably won’t go away completely compared to black tattoos.




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