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Hollywood smile in Turkey

Hollywood smile in Turkey


Hollywood smile in Turkey refers to the complete cosmetic work for the front teeth, which includes treating these teeth and then covering them with a strong cosmetic veneer to protect the teeth from external factors and make them look more attractive and whiter

There is no doubt that the positive effects of a beautiful white smile or the so-called Hollywood smile have a positive impact on self-confidence and positive interaction with others.

Aside from being great in your social life and at work, nothing makes you feel more comfortable and confident when dealing with anyone but a big smile on your first meeting.

In order to get the best smile in the shortest time, most people tend to have a Hollywood smile for their teeth, because it is no longer restricted to Hollywood actors or a certain group of people, because it is widely spread. It has gone from being an aesthetic fad to treating most dental problems, as well as a convenient and quick alternative to orthodontics.

What is the Hollywood smile operation, how to get it, what are its advantages, when are there drawbacks, how much does it cost, and why Turkey has become the best place to work for many people. We answer all this and more in this comprehensive guide to drawing a Hollywood smile in Turkey.


What is a Hollywood smile! How is it implemented? 

Hollywood smile in Turkey, Hollywood smile, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, Hollywood smile, dental veneers, Hollywood smile features

Hollywood smile in Turkey, Hollywood smile, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, Hollywood smile, dental veneers, Hollywood smile features

It is the treatment of teeth and improving their shape to obtain a bright and harmonious smile, taking into account the shape of the tooth arrangement, the color of the skin, the position of the jaw, the color and shape of the front teeth, and the consistency of the upper and lower teeth.

This is a cosmetic procedure that gives immediate results by installing veneers on the teeth that can last for years

We don’t think getting a Hollywood smile deserves to be called surgery because it’s so much simpler than that.

A Hollywood smile is achieved in several steps that differ from one person to another, including replacing missing teeth and improving existing teeth as needed by installing therapeutic and cosmetic materials and fixtures to obtain a natural smile like the celebrity smile.

The steps to getting a Hollywood smile vary from person to person and include the following:


  • Color Enhancement 


Through this step, any pigmentation that may be present on the teeth is treated, and then cosmetic crowns are installed on the teeth, called dental lenses, made of veneers or lamps, both of which are designed with advanced technology commensurate with the size of the teeth and color. teeth.


  • Replacement of missing teeth

The spaces between the teeth as a result of the loss of a tooth is one of the most important causes of tooth decay, and over time it can disrupt the alignment of the teeth and cause problems with chewing. Missing teeth are treated depending on the situation using medical bridges or artificial dental implants to fill any spaces between the teeth.


  • line up

 Some people have poorly aligned teeth, and some teeth are more advanced than others. This problem can be addressed by completely reconstructing and covering the teeth, or treating some teeth with ceramic materials (including several materials, including porcelain and zircon), emacs and lava zirconia.


  • tooth shape 

Even small details of the shape of the teeth can be corrected to achieve a full smile, as the teeth can be shortened or lengthened using appropriate materials and ceramic lenses.


  • gingival balance 

Treating a sunken smile with gums in a simple process to get complete results before putting on lenses.


The sterilization services in our clinic have reached the highest possible level in accordance with the latest requirements of the European community. Sterilized tools are kept in separate and special bags, which is another sign that increases the efficiency of our clinic in the field of sterilization. l High-tech equipment is used by a professional team.


The process of restoring the final touch of a Hollywood smile goes through two stages.

In the first stage, the dentist examines the teeth and then sends a mold from the oral mold to the laboratory, where a veneer is prepared that matches the patient’s mold so that the veneer contains the size and shape of the teeth and gives them a natural appearance.

Then in the second stage, the doctor prepares the tooth by scraping a small part of the tooth so that the veneer can be installed and obtain a natural appearance, then the doctor uses a special gel to install the veneer on the tooth, and serve you. Then a beautiful Hollywood smile.

To know the steps needed to make your own Hollywood smile with the materials used for you and the cost of the work, you can contact the experts directly from here

The difference between lumineers and veneers:

There is a big difference between high definition light fixture coating and opaque hard veneer, but we will explain the difference, which is seldom or even noticed, except for the prominent teeth, but the difference we will highlight is the composition of the difference between the lamps and the veneer.



They are slightly thicker than their corresponding fixtures at 2mm. Therefore, these opaque white coatings make the teeth bright and shiny, but they do not give the teeth the transparency that natural teeth shine.

How to install veneers:

Its thickness forces doctors to carve into the outer layer of tooth enamel, which increases tooth sensitivity. Doctors inject anesthesia into the gums to reach the root of the tooth, allowing the patient to sculpt the enamel layer without pain. Next, the doctor prepares the crowns and aligns them with the teeth. Sometimes the doctor scrapes the end of the crown ready for full alignment with the jawline for a distinctive smile. Once the crowns are prepared, they are professionally applied one by one on the teeth so that there is no space between the natural teeth and the crown; If this occurs in a vacuum that can cause bad breath, and then food collects in that space after the cap is assembled you can enjoy your new smile and see it as your natural teeth.

Lumineer coverings:

It is a highly transparent coating that resembles natural teeth when installed. Its crystalline white color distinguishes it from opaque white shell. Also, it has a unique thickness of 0.5mm, some of which are thinner, which makes it unique even during use. They’re clamped so doctors don’t have to do any sculpting or inject drugs into the enamel.

How to install luminaire coatings:

Due to their delicate height, the doctor installing these crowns must be an expert, and while they do not require enamel scaling or anesthesia, they can break in the hands of inexperienced doctors during installation. Therefore, be careful when installing. Choose your doctor. Doctors sometimes scrape very simple teeth without using the anesthesia and the cap are attached to the teeth one by one in such a way that part of them are as strong as the rest of the teeth.

(The special advantage of a luminaire crown is that the dentist does not have to sculpt the tooth enamel, which makes the tooth more sensitive to heat and cold, and more sensitive to the rate of decay and caries)


The advantages of Hollywood smile in Turkey 

Hollywood smile in Turkey, Hollywood smile, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, Hollywood smile, dental veneers, Hollywood smile features

Hollywood smile in Turkey, Hollywood smile, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, Hollywood smile, dental veneers, Hollywood smile features

  • Protecting teeth from cavities and pigmentation
  • Dental health and good food chewing
  • Elegant and natural look especially when done professionally
  • The speed of its work and the possibility of it working without pain
  • Using the effects of first visit interviews to influence people well is beneficial in social, work, and friendship areas


digital smile design

Practical and aesthetic design in dentistry is no accident. Determining this design is based on studying the patient’s case and communicating with the patient in an appropriate way to understand his goals and determine treatment options. Follow-up of the patient’s condition and follow-up of all stages of treatment during the application. These are new principles we follow in our lives, nothing is more important than having a beautiful natural smile

Digital smile design(DSD)

It is a principle and focus, which has many positive aspects. It depends on internal and external research on the oral cavity and its components, and in cooperation with all medical personnel, to facilitate communication with patients, improve medical services, encourage understanding of the patient’s desires and design the treatment result for him before starting treatment and informing the patient of the result. As it allows the study of the whole based on the photos and videos taken from the patient, the treatment can be carried out in cooperation with all the medical staff.

Studies have shown that this design has significant advantages, so there is a huge achievement and experience globally. A beautiful, natural smile full of confidence.

When is a Hollywood smile an ideal choice!! 

Hollywood smile in Turkey, Hollywood smile, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, Hollywood smile, dental veneers, Hollywood smile features

Hollywood smile in Turkey, Hollywood smile, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, Hollywood smile, dental veneers, Hollywood smile features

  • A quick and excellent alternative to orthodontics for irregular dental arrangements
  • Treats tooth pigmentation, cracks and spaces between teeth
  • Get a more beautiful and integrated smile in a fast and painless way
  • Treating tooth loss and resulting tooth shape problems
  • Smile with visibly sunken gums before treatment
  • Optimizing the size of large and small teeth for a consistent fit

Turkey has been a destination for medical tourism for many citizens of different countries such as the United Kingdom, Russia, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria and many Arab countries, and recently it has also become a destination for other countries such as the United States of America, Australia and more Arab countries, it is the best choice for many people who seek medical care . Dental treatment services, especially Hollywood smiles and dental implants


Advantages of making a Hollywood smile in Turkey 


low cost

The low cost of professional medical services and distinguished technicians in Turkey is one of the most important reasons for the increasing desire for dental treatment in Turkey, as the cost of dental treatment is usually less than half that in most countries. Medical tourism here

Advanced technologies and professional cadres

The most important advantage of Turkish dental treatment is that the quality of technology and medical personnel is the same as that of their European counterparts, albeit at a low cost


Ease of access and accommodation

Turkey is only 4 hours away from the world’s population of one billion, and Turkish Airlines was named the best airline in Europe for the sixth time in a row.

Hollywood smile prices in Turkey 

Turkey is characterized by medical cadres and unique technology similar to medical cadres and European technology, but at a much lower cost compared to Europe

The total cost will vary based on the required steps mentioned earlier, so the number of courses required will vary and will vary based on the materials required

Our center offers competitive rates and a distinguished Turkish medical staff with more than 30 years of experience in Turkish dentistry and aesthetics. To know the steps needed to make your own Hollywood smile with the materials used for you and the cost of the work, 


Guarantees of our Hollywood Smile Center in Turkey

Our services are provided by Turkish doctors and specialists with more than 30 years of experience, that is why we offer a 15-year guarantee on Hollywood smiles made in our center.

Tips to make your Hollywood smile last longer  

In order to maintain your smile in the long term, the following steps are recommended:

  • Stay away from well-known habits that damage your teeth in general, such as biting your nails, biting a pen, breaking ice with your teeth, opening cans with your teeth, etc.
  • Continue brushing and flossing with mouthwash
  • See your doctor every 6 months to maintain a healthy, beautiful smile and the general safety of your teeth and gums.



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