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Gastric balloon operation in Istanbul 2022

Gastric balloon operation in Istanbul 2022

Obesity has many side effects, and fortunately there are many solutions that can be used to overcome obesity. Today we will discuss the gastric balloon operation in Istanbul, which is one of the best options for many reasons that we will discuss in this detailed article 

What is the gastric balloon operation?

Gastric balloon operation in Istanbul 2022, gastric balloon operation, stomach balloon, endoscopic stomach balloon, gastric balloon operation in Turkey, weight loss

Gastric balloon operation in Istanbul 2022, gastric balloon operation, stomach balloon, endoscopic stomach balloon, gastric balloon operation in Turkey, weight loss

Gastric balloon operation is a method of losing weight. This is done by placing a balloon filled with saline (salt water) in the stomach, which helps to lose weight by reducing the amount of food the patient can eat in one meal.

In many cases, balloons are approved for use for weight loss, the first of which are patients who are unable to lose weight through diet or exercise.

As with other weight loss procedures that require a strong commitment, patients should make changes to their diet and exercise commitment to ensure sustainable results from the procedure.

The gastric balloon operation is not a surgical operation in the general sense, but rather a special medical procedure to control weight gain 

It is important to know that the balloon must be withdrawn from the stomach after a specified period of time has elapsed by the specialist doctor 


Gastric Balloon Techniques  

Gastric balloon operation in Istanbul 2022, gastric balloon operation, stomach balloon, endoscopic stomach balloon, gastric balloon operation in Turkey, weight loss

Gastric balloon operation in Istanbul 2022, gastric balloon operation, stomach balloon, endoscopic stomach balloon, gastric balloon operation in Turkey, weight loss

First:  ORBERA

The balloon can help patients lose three times what they would lose through diet and exercise alone.

The balloon is placed in the stomach through an endoscope and remains there for 6 months as it floats to take up space. It gives a feeling of fullness and slows down the time it takes for the stomach to empty.

Second: Obalon  balloon 

In the same way as the previous balloon and keep it in the stomach for 6 months. The difference here is that instead of inserting the balloon through the endoscope, the patient swallows a capsule attached to a thin tube so that the surgeon can fill the balloon with gas.

The patient must see the doctor after two weeks to get a second balloon, and after two weeks to get a third balloon. Each balloon is the size of a small orange.

Third:  Ellipse Balloon

Incomplete balloons are the only balloons in the world that can be installed without an endoscope, and the patient swallows the tube containing the balloon, which is then filled with saline.

Unlike balloons that must be removed endoscopically, there is a special valve that automatically deflates the contents of the balloon after a period of time. This is the biggest advantage of this type of balloon because it does not need a doctor to remove it and therefore it is less expensive. However, it is not licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Fourth:  Spatz3 balloon

The balloon has the ability to change its size by adjusting the amount of liquid in it, which is useful in reactivating balloons that fail after an average of four months.

Fifth:  Reshape Balloon

This balloon is used to reduce the patient’s weight, and it differs from other balloons in that it consists of two separate balloons that are installed in the same way as the previous one.

Advantages and benefits of the gastric balloon  

  1. The effects of the balloon operation are not permanent, unlike gastric bypass surgery, for example, whose results are considered final.
  2. Patients with a mass index of 27 are eligible for gastric balloon surgery, while patients with a mass index of at least 40 are allowed to doctors to perform other operations.
  3. The gastric balloon can help change a patient’s eating habits, as it is believed to help control the amount of food eaten during the day.
  4. Gastric balloons can be considered temporary weight loss and preparation for the gastric sleeve operation. In cases of severe obesity, patients may need to lose weight before the gastric sleeve procedure.
  5. The gastric balloon is a simple medical procedure that does not involve incisions or bleeding.
  6. Gastric balloons have much fewer side effects than other surgeries.
  7. The cost of balloon surgery is lower than the cost of gastric sleeve surgery.


Gastric balloon surgery complications

Gastric balloon operation in Istanbul 2022, gastric balloon operation, stomach balloon, endoscopic stomach balloon, gastric balloon operation in Turkey, weight loss

Gastric balloon operation in Istanbul 2022, gastric balloon operation, stomach balloon, endoscopic stomach balloon, gastric balloon operation in Turkey, weight loss

  • Pain and nausea, two of the symptoms that affect a third of people who have this procedure, are in any case a temporary condition that disappears a few days after the balloon is placed and can also be treated with medication.
  • On the other hand, there may be more serious side effects after the balloon insertion, so if you feel nausea, vomiting or pain at any time after the procedure, you should contact your doctor directly, although the symptoms are minor, the doctor should be aware of it.
  • The balloon can lose its contents in the stomach and become smaller there, and when it becomes smaller, it can travel through the intestine, causing a blockage in the digestive system which requires immediate intervention by the surgeon.
  • Increasing the size of the balloon may also trigger symptoms that need to be controlled.
  •  Acute pancreatitis.
  • An ulcer or hole in the stomach wall that requires surgery.

Is gastric balloon harmful? Like any medical intervention, many complications and problems can occur, but they can all be dealt with without cause for concern.

How is the laparoscopic gastric balloon operation?

Now is the time to answer the question: How is the gastric balloon operation performed in Turkey? After the necessary examinations on the patient, the balloon is installed according to the following periods of time:

The first stage: during the operation

The surgery is performed through endoscopy, the patient is sedated, and the doctor inserts a thin tube (catheter) into the mouth, through the esophagus, into the stomach, where it is inflated with saline.

The whole process takes about half an hour and the patient can be discharged within two hours.

The second stage: after the operation

The patient can start drinking some fluids 6 hours after the operation, start the diet from here, and start eating soft food until the second week; As for regular food, you should wait about three weeks before starting.

The balloon remains in the stomach for six months, and then it is removed endoscopically, after which another balloon or nothing can be placed according to a plan developed by the doctor.

It is essential that the patient continually coordinate with the dietitian and psychologist after surgery to ensure that the results are sustainable even after the balloon is removed.

Weight loss stages after gastric balloon

It is very important to be aware of the need to exercise and follow a consistent diet after gastric balloon surgery.

Some weight loss statistics after gastric balloon surgery indicate that people lose approximately 7% to 15% of their weight in the first six months, and in total they can lose about 30% to 47% of their total weight.

But what is the reason behind this decline?

The presence of the balloon in the stomach takes up space in it, creates a feeling of fullness faster than usual, and ends up eating less; In addition, the stomach takes longer to empty its contents.

Research has shown that the presence of balloons in the stomach alters the levels of hormones that control appetite.


Contact the doctor now and learn about the benefits of the gastric balloon for your case from here 



Frequently asked questions about gastric balloon surgery in Istanbul 

The meal plan should be modified as follows, three, five to six meals a day; No matter how many meals you have, don’t eat when you are bored, or just to waste time.

The focus should be on light and nutritious foods and avoid soft drinks and prepared foods.
In order to lose weight faster and stabilize future results, it is necessary to stick to exercise and physical work.

The words are exaggerated. While balloons can rupture or leak, the quality of balloons in use today is so good that such problems are highly unlikely. However, the liquid that fills the balloon is dyed with a harmless blue dye that turns urine green if the contents are spilled. Balloons to notify patients of these problems as quickly as possible.

Weight loss after gastric balloon surgery can range from 30% to 47% of weight gain, but what we notice here is the need to stick to proper exercises and a healthy diet to maintain the results of this surgery.

Gastric balloons are designed for weight loss, and weight loss can prevent or treat many health problems associated with obesity, including:
Heart disease.
– Hypertension.
Sleep apnea.
– Joint pain.
High cholesterol.
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

We talked about many problems that can arise when installing a gastric balloon, but in general, the procedure is simple and has few complications compared to other procedures. Regardless, on-site equipment with the best medical staff is fundamental to patient safety in any surgical procedure, no matter how simple.

Gastric Balloon Prices in Istanbul 

The gastric balloon operation cost in Turkey ranges from $1500 to $3500, which is a competitive cost for most of the neighboring countries.

We at Mydr Medical provide gastric balloon surgery at an attractive price with accommodation in a five-star hotel in addition to translation and necessary analyzes and internal transportation in Istanbul 

These are the most important points that you should know about the Turkish gastric balloon surgery, which is a safe procedure with guaranteed results without the need for surgery.

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