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Facelift in Turkey – costs and results

Facelift in Turkey – costs and results

Candidates for face-lift surgery 

Any adult suffers from facial sagging and the spread of wrinkles. Whether it is due to short-term weight loss or due to aging. Or even due to some genetic factors, he can resort to face-lift operations. The choice of facelift surgery depends on the patient’s condition and the vision of the plastic surgeon. They suffer from sensitive skin and the thinner facelift methods using surgical wires have failed for them.. Laser facelift does not work for them either.

Sagging skin cannot be treated with a laser facelift..if the sagging reaches the facial muscles themselves. It is important to note that patients should quit smoking long enough before and after surgery.

Recovery period after the operation 

During recovery from plastic surgery, a bandage is placed around the face to reduce swelling. Some tubes and hoses are connected to drain excess fluid and prevent infection of the wound. The recovery period after plastic surgery may take anywhere from two to several weeks before the bandage is removed. This can happen even after the bandage is removed. It will take longer for the swelling to disappear to see the results of the surgery.

Laser facelift surgery takes a few hours to recover and does not require any additional recovery instructions other than exposure to sunlight. Likewise, with a polypropylene suture facelift, the recovery period is only a few hours and nothing more.

Results before and after facelift 

Face-lift in Turkey, face-lift, face-lift, face-lift for men

Face-lift in Turkey, face-lift, face-lift, face-lift for men

The results are visible as soon as the plastic surgery is performed. In addition to plastic surgery using polypropylene sutures, its effect is immediate, appearing within a few hours after surgery, and completely stable within a few days after surgery, as for face-lift surgery, it takes some time to pass the recovery period safely, and patients can enjoy the benefits The effect of surgery. No wonder, because surgical facelifts are considered a treatment for severe sagging, including facial muscles and skin. Therefore, its effect is deeper and its effect lasts longer.

In general, in order to maintain the effect of the face-lift procedure, regardless of its method, long-term protection from the sun’s rays is required. A healthy diet includes getting enough water and exercising regularly. In addition, avoiding smoking and avoiding alcoholic beverages helps maintain the freshness of the skin and the longest possible surgical results.

Steps to perform a face-lift in Turkey 


Anesthesia is the first step in any surgery. Local anesthesia is used only in the case of laser or surgical wire tightening. In the case of a facelift, general anesthesia should be used to tighten the muscles in addition to tightening the skin.

Sagging skin treatment:

The second step in the plastic surgery process is to treat loose skin. In the case of surgical sutures, the surgeon begins by tightening the skin with the appropriate surgical sutures for the patient’s condition, and making simple stitches on both sides of the face behind the hairline. In either case, no surgical incision is required. In the case of a surgical facelift, the surgeon makes an incision. The surgery is performed on both sides of the face behind the hairline to avoid scarring.

Skin Tightening:

The skin and muscles are tightened and sutured, and facial sagging is tightened, a process that may include implanting some stents in the face or injecting some fat to help restore the skin’s youthfulness and freshness.

Surgical incision closure:

The incision is closed, a bandage is placed on the face, and the patient is discharged from the hospital, recovering to start waiting for the results.

Possible risks and complications of a facelift 

Like other surgeries, general anesthesia has many risks and complications that may occur in a small number of cases or not at all. These complications include the risk of stroke or the risk of allergic reactions to the substances used in general anesthesia. Otherwise there may be risks associated with any normal surgery which can be controlled with some precautions.

Among these risks is the risk of infection during or after surgery, which can be prevented and controlled through known infection control methods and appropriate preventive antibiotics.

In the case of limited surgery using local anesthesia, the risks are greatly reduced and depend only on the competence of the surgeon. Except for some allergies or exposure to lasers that are too powerful for the skin to handle, there are few risks associated with laser plastic surgery.

Face-lift consultation and inspection

The doctor carefully judges the patient’s condition, performs a clinical examination, decides on the most appropriate surgery for his condition, and makes this decision based on the patient’s wishes and the results he wants to achieve. Long-term results, regardless of operating costs or risks that you may be exposed to during the period.

The doctor begins by explaining to the patient which procedure was chosen, why it was chosen, and what is appropriate for him. The patient should discuss their medical goals frankly with the physician. He must also commit to providing a clear and frank medical history of his condition so that it does not negatively affect the doctor’s decision, which may negatively affect the patient. his condition. Finally caught photos of some patients before and after surgery were compared.

Preparing for a facelift 

Preparing for all kinds of facelifts doesn’t make much difference. In all cases, the patient is subject to some medical tests to determine his health condition, and the doctor will give him the instructions that must be followed before the procedure to ensure its success.

Patients should stop taking any preparations containing cortisone, aspirin or warfarin one week before surgery, because they increase blood flow and may lead to increased bruising and swelling, and some of them increase the patient’s exposure to infection.

Patients should also stop taking certain anti-inflammatories and pain relievers to avoid bleeding during the procedure, and if the patient is to be under general anesthesia, they should fast at least eight times a day before surgery. hour.


 Facelift cost in Turkey 

The average cost of the operation is around $3500-5000, but this cost includes the cost of anesthesia and the recovery period in the hospital, and is limited to the cost of the surgery and plastic surgeon.

This cost varies greatly depending on the degree of sagging, skin condition, health and the cost of the plastic surgeon. The difference in the cost of plastic surgeons in this procedure in particular is because it is a very delicate procedure that requires a great deal of experience and the person performing the procedure risks – if he makes a mistake – it can have permanent effects on the patient’s body, affect the face and always lead to discredit. The type of hospital in which the surgery is performed has a significant impact on the cost of the surgery, the degree of disinfection of operating room conditions, as well as the type of patient’s room of residence, and the degree of hotel service, which may be the equivalent of a five-star hotel.

All facial rejuvenation procedures are often combined (eg eyelid lift, face lift, eyebrow surgery), reducing costs due to the combined costs of anesthesia costs, hospitalization costs and recovery periods.

The operation is performed in Turkey, it is very effective and the cost is much lower than international costs. For example, the average cost of a complete plastic surgery offered in Turkey is about $4.000 (less than half of the cost in the United States).



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