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Eye laser operations in Turkey – say goodbye to glasses

Eye laser operations in Turkey – say goodbye to glasses


There are many ways to correct vision problems, the most important of which is LASIK or laser, which is a type of refractive surgery that is an effective solution to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism (blurred vision). It is the most common vision correction surgery in the world.


What is the laser eye surgery? How is it done? 

Eye laser operation, laser for the eyes, laser myopia treatment, LASIK for the eyes, LASIK eyes

Eye laser operation, laser for the eyes, laser myopia treatment, LASIK for the eyes, LASIK eyes

LASIK is one of the most common vision correction surgeries in the world. It corrects any vision defects and visual reactions by correcting the shape of the cornea with a special laser beam. The laser is a simple procedure that does not even require general anesthesia, but it is done with local anesthesia in the eye, and the patient can leave a few hours after the operation.

Using the laser beam, the surgeon opens the corneal cortex in a very precise manner without any surgical stitches. Another laser beam is irradiated onto the cornea so that the cornea is shaped by the laser depending on the vision problem, and the cortex is returned as it was, which speeds up healing and reduces complications. Then the patient comes back – give him some medicine like eye drops, topical antibiotics and pain relievers.

Candidates for ophthalmic laser 

Laser or LASIK surgery is not suitable for every patient, and the age and nature of low vision problems, as well as the presence of some other medical conditions, may prevent desired results or cause complications, as the surgery will not be very successful in the elderly, pregnant women and diabetics who cannot do it. .

Therefore, the doctor first assesses the patient’s condition to ensure that the standard applies to him:

  • The patient must be at least 18 years old.
  • The problem he wants to treat is one of the types of problems that LASIK can treat.
  • Eye health should be good and the person should not suffer from eye diseases such as: cataracts, eye infections, chronic dry eyes, keratoconus, and glaucoma.
  • Vision problems have not worsened and significantly worsened in a relatively short period of time.
  • The patient does not have a very thin cornea.

Before the laser operation

Before scheduling surgery, your doctor will perform some tests, as follows:

  • Doctors examine a patient’s medical records and test for any factors that negatively affect the immune system, immune disorders, chronic inflammation of connective tissue and blood vessels, and any previous eye surgery or problems.
  • A comprehensive eye exam before surgery, including the following:

Check with the lamp, measure the pupil size, examine the fundus, examine the cornea and make sure the eye is not dry or raised.

  • Before the date of surgery, give the patient a set of instructions that he must follow as follows:

Stop wearing contact lenses completely before surgery (days to weeks).

Patients should only eat light food on the morning of surgery.

On the day of surgery, patients should generally avoid wearing any jewelry in the hair or head area.

After LASIK eye surgery 

When returning home that day, the patient should be completely rested, and the patient can go to work as usual two days after the operation.

Eye drops are given during the recovery period to prevent eye infection, inflammation or dryness, and should be used daily for as long as your doctor tells you.

It’s normal for your vision to appear blurry for the first few days after LASIK surgery.

After LASIK surgery, there are several visits to the doctor to check and monitor the healing of the eye. Keep in mind that it may take up to six months to fully achieve the vision.

 Benefits of laser eye surgery 

Eye laser operation, laser for the eyes, laser myopia treatment, LASIK for the eyes, LASIK eyes

Eye laser operation, laser for the eyes, laser myopia treatment, LASIK for the eyes, LASIK eyes

If you are considering LASIK surgery, these are the main benefits of the procedure:

  • The procedure does not include any sutures and does not require patient wear.
  • This procedure is safe and effective, and LASIK is very safe and has a very high success rate. According to the American College of Ophthalmologists, more than 96 percent of patients who choose LASIK surgery have optimal vision levels after surgery.
  • LASIK surgery is an ideal alternative to contact lenses and glasses for many people who are candidates for this procedure.
  • During the LASIK procedure, the patient does not feel any pain, only mild discomfort that does not last for long.
  • This is a quick and painless surgical procedure for most patients, taking about 5 to 10 minutes per eye. The corneal flap will heal on its own within a few days. Patients are usually able to see better within 12 to 24 hours after surgery and can return to normal activities within a day or two without glasses or contact lenses required.

 LASIK surgery risks and complications

Like any surgery, surgery is not without some complications and potential risks, the most important of which are:

  • Some night vision problems, some brightness or glare vision.
  • Shortness, height, or misalignment are not completely corrected, but they can be corrected without recurrence for a period of time immediately after surgery.
  • Dry eyes Patients can use some special emollients to relieve the dryness.
  • Keratitis, or infection, occurs in 1 in 2,000 patients, but it is one of the most serious complications of vision loss.

The cost of laser eye operations in Turkey 

The cost of LASIK surgery is not high, especially if it is performed in an ideal place like Turkey, which must be expensive as in some countries, but although the cost is still ideal for the most part, and at each level, it ranges from 1200 dollars up to $1800, and it must be taken into account that this cost has been set depending on the center where the procedure is performed, the capabilities used during the operation, the team of doctors and their experience, this can lead to a price difference between the high and low cost of LASIK surgery in Turkey.




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