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Disadvantages of spicy foods – chili foods

Disadvantages of spicy foods – chili foods

Eating spicy foods or containing hot peppers can cause many health risks, affect the work of the digestive system, and affect the skin and throat. Learn about the dangers of spicy food in this article.

While spicy foods have some benefits, this does not mean including them in your daily diet, as they can cause many harms and negative health effects. In general, its harms are much greater and more general than its benefits, which may not be real either 

We will tell you about the dangers of spicy food and reasons to convince you not to eat it or reduce it as much as possible in the following:

Disadvantages of hot foods and hot peppers 

Harmful foods, hot peppers, chili peppers

Harmful foods, hot peppers, chili peppers

Here are some of the harmful effects of eating foods rich in pepper or what is known as chili 

1. Heartburn

Constantly eating spicy foods can become an annoying chronic health problem because these foods can cause gastric juices to back up into the esophagus.

When reflux occurs during sleep, bacteria can affect the teeth and cause tooth decay.

2. The appearance of pimples – dry skin 

Damage from spicy foods is closely related to the appearance of acne on different parts of the body, especially in people who are more prone to acne.

Touching any hot spice and then placing your hand on your face or any area of ​​your skin can cause a burning and irritating sensation on your skin, not to mention the effects of ingesting it.

3. Diarrhea

Spicy foods are one of the most common sources of diarrhea because they can irritate the stomach or intestinal lining.

This explains frequent bowel movements and going to the bathroom after eating any spicy food, as it has a laxative effect in most cases.

4. Bad breath appears

Harmful foods, hot peppers, chili peppers

Harmful foods, hot peppers, chili peppers

Bad breath is an uncomfortable and embarrassing feeling that often occurs when eating onions, garlic, and spicy foods.

This is because hot food can cause digestive problems, especially heartburn, which can cause acid reflux and cause bad breath.

5. Exposure to sleep disturbances and insomnia

It can be difficult to sleep at night due to digestive upsets, diarrhea, and heartburn, as it helps acid flow upward while lying down, increasing the chances of heartburn and pain.

Therefore, it is not recommended to eat spicy foods at night, and if you happen to eat them, take a walk before going to bed.

6. Suffering from sore throat and hoarseness

Eating spicy food can affect the vocal cords and cause a sore throat.

This is more likely to happen if the food is too spicy or eats a lot of spicy foods, and people are more sensitive to these foods.

7. Infection with glossitis

The inflammation is not limited to the throat or stomach lining. Spicy foods can also damage the tongue, as this is an allergic reaction to these spicy foods.

This happens quickly and usually progresses to some sores on the tongue and mouth infections.

8. Occurrence of taste disturbances

Continuing to eat spicy foods can impair the ability to taste over time, as these foods affect the taste buds, normalizing that taste.

This can be likened to someone who used to hear loud music all the time, and not find it loud over time, despite everyone’s complaints.



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