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Breast augmentation with autologous fat injection – breast augmentation

Breast augmentation with autologous fat injection – breast augmentation


Breast augmentation with fat injection is one of the most common cosmetic procedures. When people realize that autologous fat may be a substance for breast augmentation, the fatty areas become less fat, and other areas can become enlarged, so it has definitely become a trend for those who seek fat injections to enlarge the breast and give it a feminine and sexy shape.

Many women choose autologous fat injection for breast augmentation, because this breast augmentation plastic surgery is very safe and effective, no surgery, no bleeding, and the effect of postoperative breast augmentation is real and natural, with full and round breasts, achieving the effect of weight loss and body sculpting. 

Breast augmentation with autologous fat injection 

The basic principle of autologous fat breast augmentation is to implant and inject excess fat cells from other parts of the body into the breast, allowing the fat cells to re-grow and merge with the breast tissue to make the breasts fuller. Growth elsewhere is equivalent to secondary development of the breast. Because of my adipose tissue (autologous tissue) cell transplantation, without rejection, the safety of the surgery is fundamentally guaranteed.

The magic of breast augmentation with fat injection is the massive transformation of fat. Transfer of fat from the thighs and abdomen to the breasts. If we realize that weight loss and breast augmentation are very important for women, then fat transfer surgery in the right place is definitely attractive and the breasts will look natural during breast augmentation with autologous fat after full surgery.

The procedure of autologous fat injection for breast augmentation is very safe, but this does not mean that 100% of the extracted fat can be used, be careful during the procedure, the effect of breast augmentation cannot be guaranteed only when the sebaceous activity is guaranteed.


How to enlarge the chest with fat injections 

In autologous fat breast augmentation, surgeons ask the patient to extract a large amount of fat from the abdomen or thigh, then filter it to obtain pure fat cells, which are then injected into the breast.

From the principle of autologous fat breast augmentation surgery, it is easy to understand the limitations of this surgery. Autologous fat injection in the breast is the extraction of excess fat from the recipient’s body, extracting it to varying degrees, and then packing it into the chest. Compared to normal adipose tissue, fat injected into the body is made up of scattered adipocytes rather than fat cells. Tissue clumps, these cells must establish blood circulation before they can have energy and survive, or else they will be absorbed by the insufficient blood supply.

Breast augmentation using autologous fat implants is performed under local or general anesthesia. The prepared bloated solution with normal saline and sodium bicarbonate was injected into the site where the fat would be extracted, and the mixture of fat and blood was suctioned out with a 2-3 mm diameter suction needle to obtain pure lipid particles.

Fat is injected for breast augmentation to calculate the size of the injection in the right and left breasts, and a needle with a diameter of 2 mm is used to inject the absorbed fat particles into the deep surface of the breast glands and into the breasts from the outside. breasts. It enters the surface of the breast in the greater chest area. Generally, the injection volume for autologous fat breast augmentation surgery is 30-150ml per side.

Candidates for breast augmentation with fat injection  

Since the fat transplant comes from the body, the fat donor must have enough space to get enough fat for the transplant, and in general, the amount of fat required for one transplant is about 400 ml, so the patient must have sufficient sources in the abdomen and waist., The fat in the Multiple parts such as buttocks and thighs, and this is the first condition that should be in addition, suitable people for breast augmentation with fat:

  1. Women with flat breasts or saggy breasts but increase fat around the waist, abdomen and lower body.
  2. Congenital or acquired tissue defect.
  3. Asymmetric girth and size in one part of the breast.
  4. Those who suffer from noticeably sagging breasts.
  5. People who are in good health and do not have acute or chronic diseases.


Results of breast augmentation with autologous fat

Breast augmentation, breast augmentation with fat injection, breast augmentation with self-fat injection, breast augmentation with fat injection, breast augmentation, fat injection in the chest, fat injection for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation, breast augmentation with fat injection, breast augmentation with self-fat injection, breast augmentation with fat injection, breast augmentation, fat injection in the chest, fat injection for breast augmentation

The keys to successful breast augmentation with autologous fat injection are as follows:

Due to differences in lipoprotein activity in adipose tissue in different parts of the body, higher lipoprotein activity contributes to the regeneration of transplanted adipocytes. According to the results, the thighs and buttocks had the highest lipoprotein activity, which helps to regenerate transplanted fat cells, followed by the lower and upper abdomen. According to the research on body fat and the deep distribution of fat in these parts, the lower body is generally chosen as the first choice for fatty autologous breast augmentation.

The survival rate of fat directly affects the effect of autologous fat breast augmentation. Some cells are inevitably damaged during surgery, and the greater the damage, the fewer viable cells and less fat to survive. Therefore, when injecting fat, the principle is to distribute it evenly in the recipient tissue.

There are many liposuction devices, and the extracted fat is injected into the breast with different devices, which produces different effects during the breast augmentation process. Breast augmentation experts recommend empty needle liposuction, the negative pressure should not exceed 0.05 MPa to reduce cell damage. In addition, the extracted fat must be processed, washed, accumulated fat particles and filtered with normal saline.

In the purification process, special attention should be paid to the sterilization process to reduce the storage time of fat particles in vitro and improve the survival rate of fat cells. This requires doctors to have a high sense of responsibility and patience, and to carefully handle the fat particles to improve the success rate of AUB.

Advantages of breast augmentation with fat injection 

Autologous fat injection is a unique breast augmentation technique. Its advantage is that it can perform liposuction, weight loss, breast shaping and enhancement at the same time, and it does not exclude fat and has no safety risks.

However, different processes have their own characteristics and adapt to different needs and human nature. Popular artificial breast augmentation methods and self-enlargement breasts have their own advantages and convenient combinations.

Does breast augmentation with fat require surgical procedures? 

Breast augmentation with autologous fat should follow the principle of “small amount, many times”, because the fat after implantation can be absorbed into the selected area, and the extracted fat may not be fully utilized. Furthermore, the viability of the transplanted fat is limited if the regulations are not followed. Correct surgery, such as some people who are unsuitable for having too many transplants at one time, can have serious consequences and can lead to surgery failure.

However, with the advancement of surgical techniques, the survival rate of fat particles is very high, and a single operation can be suitably configured to increase the total amount of fat grafting. However, in individual cases (due to physical fitness and other reasons), multiple operations are required.


Preparing for breast augmentation 

  1. Before autologous breast augmentation surgery, patients should not take anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin.
  2. Women should avoid menstruation.
  3. Before the breast fat injection procedure, patients should shower and clean their bodies to keep them clean and free of dirt.
  4. Before surgery, patients can have a physical exam to determine if they are in good health, and they should inform their doctor if they feel unwell.

Recovery period after breast augmentation with fat injection 

The recovery period from autologous fat breast augmentation depends on each person’s body structure, and the recovery time also varies. If you’re otherwise healthy, your recovery period after surgery will be relatively short. If you are weak, the recovery period after surgery may also be longer, the recovery time from surgery is not long, it does not affect the normal work and study.

The recovery period from autologous breast augmentation is related to postoperative care:

  1. Take oral anti-inflammatory medications for 3 to 5 days as recommended by your doctor.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to raise the large upper extremities within two weeks after the operation, and to increase the range of motion of the upper extremities within one month after autologous fat injection.
  3. Chest protection to prevent severe chest injury and avoid acute local pressure.
  4. Limit activities after surgery to facilitate recovery and swelling, but bed rest is not required.
  5. Use elastic bandages to elevate the affected limb as much as possible within half a month after surgery to avoid hematomas and help tighten the skin.

Complications of breast augmentation with fat injection 

If a large amount of fat is injected into the chest, the insufficient blood supply may lead to fat necrosis, melting and absorption, which can easily lead to infection, pain, lipogenesis, autologous cellulite, fibrosis or calcification. The amount of fat that can be transplanted and that must be injected into the breast tissue in a separate way. Breast resorption is limited, and fat necrosis may result from excessive injection or a high concentration.

If a large amount of fat is distributed in the breast at one time, the breast can become (sometimes) full in a short time after surgery. But over time, some of the fat begins to shrink without any effect.

In general, a small amount of fat is injected which is easily absorbed by the body, and if a large amount is injected, some of the fat may harden and become fatty nodules. If your breast tumor is small, another surgery will be needed. Remove these fatty lumps.

Breast augmentation has a certain rate of absorption of endogenous fat, and the technique doctors use to obtain, extract and inject fat cells, as well as establish the woman’s own tissues, will affect the rate of fat survival. Differences between adipose tissue and transplanted adipocytes. The fat will make a difference, too. In general, only about 50% of the 100ml fat taste remains.

As long as the autologous breast augmentation process is done correctly there will be no danger, in fact the fat is extracted from the body and there is no possibility of rejection, and the most likely reason for the spoilage of body tissues is the skills of the doctor. If the doctor is not skilled enough in carrying out the treatment.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat is prohibited in the following cases: 

  • Inflammation of breast tissue and inflammation around surgical incisions. Those with active infectious lesions elsewhere in the body.
  • Patients with abnormal breast tumors or swollen lymph nodes in the armpit.
  • Diabetics who cannot tolerate surgery.
  • Those with diseases of the immune system.
  • People with scar tissue, abnormal structures, or allergic structures.
  • During pregnancy or lactation.
  • Recurrence of breast cancer or a tendency to metastasis after surgery.
  • Those who are not mentally prepared or have unrealistic requirements.
  • Mental illness patients.


Breast fat injection cost

  1. The price of autologous fat injection into the breast depends on the patient’s condition. Autologous breast augmentation for fat is the process of removing excess fat from the patient’s body and injecting it into the breast. The amount of fat extracted during this period and the amount of fat needed for injection will affect the cost of breast fat injection.
  2. The price of autologous fat injection into the breast depends on the chosen hospital. There are many hospitals for breast augmentation, of course the prices of hospitals are different. Ordinary medical institutions have advanced medical equipment, professional medical teams, and a good medical environment that ensures the safety and effectiveness of the operation. Therefore, general medical institutions may be more of a small hospital, so the price may be a bit high.
  3. The cost of breast fat transplantation depends on the specialist you choose. Plastic surgeons have different levels of expertise and experience. They can better control the procedure, ensure the survival rate of the injected fat particles, and achieve better breast augmentation results, so their costs are naturally higher than that of ordinary plastic surgeons.



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