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Breast Augmentation – Techniques and Results

Breast Augmentation – Techniques and Results

Breasts are one of the most important components of a woman’s beauty and self-confidence. With the rise of plastic surgery, silicone implants are one of the most common procedures for women, breasts can become smaller and sometimes even smaller due to various reasons such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, age, weight gain and loss. It has not reached sufficient size due to sagging or lack of growth.

In this case, surgery to enlarge and fill in small breasts can result in beautifully tight, firm breasts that are larger and fuller. These are the best breast augmentation procedures that can be performed using silicone braces.

Breast augmentation is a procedure that increases breast size by placing breast implants under breast tissue or under muscle tissue. This procedure is suitable for small breasts that are structurally similar in size to another breast, or similar to a breast that shrinks after childbirth and remains hollow on the inside.

After the breast augmentation examination, the plastic surgeon will determine the position of the breast and whether there are any changes that will affect the procedure, such as the skin covering the chest cavity, the presence or absence of breast tissue, sagging or not, and if there is a tumor or not, then inform the patient. For visible breast sagging, your plastic surgeon may recommend an additional procedure in which he shrinks the skin on the breasts and reshapes the breasts so that they stand upright.

Double breast augmentation

In recent years, since breast augmentation procedures were limited to the lower muscles and breast tissue, they did not provide adequate and natural results or breast tissue attractiveness for all patients due to the long-term incompatibility of silicone for muscle strength, and the procedures performed were completely applied under the breast tissue, because the lack of Having adequate protection, as this results in the silicone having the ability to hold the silicone behind the skin of the breast, all raises concerns about breast augmentation.

In a two-layer breast augmentation procedure, the bulk of the silicone is under the muscle and the smaller part is under the breast tissue. To do this, the silicone biplane technology protects and covers muscle tissue, and since the lower portion of the muscle is separated from the site of contact, the arc cannot move up, down, or propel. For this reason, double breast augmentation is the most affordable natural method, suitable for almost all patients and all types of breasts.

In double layer breast augmentation, the top of the silicone is under the muscle and the bottom of the silicone is above the muscle and under the breast tissue. This gives the new breast a raised and more natural appearance. Therefore, the two-layer 3D system works better, and the bilateral plane becomes an indispensable necessity for a naturally stable shape during breast augmentation surgery.

If you want to talk about the advantages of biplane breast augmentation; Most of the muscles are covered and protected by silicone. As a result, the silicone cannot be touched by hand, and it provides smooth and natural coverage since the muscle contact area is cut. It reduces the possibility of hardening, and helps to stabilize the negative electrode of the breast, especially its difference in participation in the process of breast augmentation.

There are 123 types of biplane breast augmentation procedures. Biplanes 2 and 3 are especially useful for patients with loose breasts. If the chest is normal and not sagging, it is better to use a biplane 1.

Compound breast augmentation

Although breast augmentation surgery is performed using silicone stents, it can also be done with fat injections. When we say compound breast augmentation, it refers to the use of silicone implants and fat injections.

Complex breast augmentation surgery, especially suitable for patients with insufficient breast tissue, patients with weight loss and fat tissue loss, patients with weak skin, patients who have had silicone surgery before, silicone can be touched by hand, chest deformities Assorted, fill in the internal electrodes and outline the front of the chest. Additionally, complex breast augmentation can be used in conjunction with breast augmentation surgery for sagging breasts to apply complex breast aesthetics. Of course, for combined breast augmentation to be possible, the patient’s body must have a sufficient amount of fatty tissue available for the procedure. Injection. The fat is usually taken from the abdomen. It is up to your doctor to decide if combined breast augmentation surgery is right for you.

Breast augmentation with Crisalix technique

Crisalix is ​​a 3D modeling or 3D model making technique to show you as close to reality as possible after surgery. Before breast augmentation surgery, before and after breast augmentation pictures and the type of silicone are shown to give them an idea of ​​the procedure. But thanks to Crisalix, patients are now able to see using a 3D simulation technology of exposing their own body, they will examine themselves from all angles before and after surgery, and compare the two cases for themselves. This attitude is very important to increase patient satisfaction after surgery and help her communicate all her wishes to the doctor clearly. And you can see that breast augmentation surgery is also possible. Keep in mind that breast reduction and augmentation surgery is closer to reality.

Breast augmentation incisions

There are different methods of breast augmentation surgery. The most common or preferred technique is to make a small incision in the curved area under the breast where the lower part of the breast meets the rib cage. This area is the best place to open the incision because it provides a clear view of the surgical area and controls the bleeding is comfortable, and the effect cannot be seen standing up because the effect is the same color as the skin.

Alternatively, a circular incision can be made at the tip below the area of ​​the dark circle around the nipple. I don’t shake this area very often. With breast augmentation from this area, we may experience loss of sensation, inability to breastfeed, etc. Also, the effect is still noticeable, like coffee with milk. One place that is rarely used is the axilla crack under the armpit. Although this incision does not leave any marks above the breasts, it is difficult to see the surgical field, and if the patient wears a shirt or bikini in the summer, the effects of the surgery will be very visible under the armpit. The decision on where to open the incision can vary as it depends on the preference of the doctor, the wishes of the patient, and the type of incision. bracket to use it.

Determine your new chest size

One of the most important things for a patient who wants to have a breast augmentation procedure is to determine the size of the new breast. Patients who apply for cosmetic breast augmentation often find it difficult to determine the size and dimensions of their desired breast. They often say bra size or body measurement.

A plastic surgeon must understand the patient’s requirements, listen to her expectations, measure her body measurements, and select silicone sizes for breast implants based on those measurements. After the test, I assign as many sizes to the patient as possible and will listen to their expectations. Before the surgery, instead of just one size of silicone, I brought more than one size into the hospital, so we have all the silicone needed to implant during surgery.

I also took a silicone stent to the operating room for an experiment called volume. In the process, I put the metrics first. If it doesn’t fit the size needed, I’ll go for a larger or smaller size. Using this principle of trial and error, I came close to fulfilling the patient’s request. After determining the size I want to do original silicone fitting with the patient. Therefore, as a result of our evaluation with the volume in the process, we came to the best and most correct decision.

Silicone implants for breast augmentation

Silicone breast implants can be placed under the breast tissue or under the chest wall muscle (pectoralis major) at the base of the breast, in the space prepared under the muscle. Today, it can be performed in an area under the fascia, the so-called double plan, with some under the chest tissue and some under the muscle.

Usually, I prefer placing the brace under the muscle or the biplane or under the inferior fascia, depending of course. The submuscular technique, or the duplex plan, is used in surgery to make the breast look more natural on the one hand, and silicone stents are more protected by tissue on the other. If the patient has slightly sagging breasts or has protruding breasts, I prefer to use the double package or the Vasser technique. During this process, voids are formed under the muscle or under the tissue, and these voids should be considered slightly larger than a silicone stent.

Types of silicone implants and their characteristics

Silicone implants are used in breast augmentation surgery. They are simply divided into two types, one containing silica gel and the other containing brine. In recent years, silicone breast implants that contain so-called viscous gels have been manufactured so that the silicone does not flow even if the stent is cut. Here I am my surgery was better than using a hard gel.

In many foreign studies, it has not been proven that breast augmentation causes cancer. In these studies, after following patients with silicone stents over a long period of time (eg, 20-30 years), the incidence of breast cancer was not significantly different, but the incidence was slightly lower.

These stents do not cause allergic reactions, are not treated as foreign bodies, and do not have any toxic complications. Very safe area to use.

They can be classified by type, anatomy (droplet) or dimple. The silicone that will be used will vary depending on the patient’s condition, the structure of the breast, and the presence or absence of sagging. The most famous silicone brand in the world is Mentor Natrelle Mc Ghan Nagor.

After breast augmentation surgery

The operation takes about 1-15 hours, depending on whether there is asymmetry between the breasts. After surgery, use a bra to apply a small pad to your chest. After surgery, the pain caused by the medications can be controlled and disappears within the first day or two.

The biggest concern for patients is the level of pain. For breast augmentation surgery, I use long-term local anesthesia in the surgery area. As a result, the patient can go through the postoperative period comfortably.

There will be swelling for about a week. At the end of this period, the swelling in the breasts will decrease, the breasts will become softer, and the folds under the breast will begin to return to normal (become normal).

The stitches healed within a week, and since I sewed them in from the inside, there was no need to remove the stitches.

The effects of the surgery will wear off over time, and the effects will disappear completely within 6 months to a year. Breast swelling and slight color changes will disappear within a few days.

The purpose of breast augmentation is to make your breasts look fuller and more natural. This result can be obtained immediately upon completion of the program.

Breast augmentation complications

The main complication of breast implant surgery is a condition called cystic sclerosis. In fact, capsular tissue develops after each breast augmentation surgery. However, the problem is not in the presence of the capsule, but in the hardening of the capsule. Hardening of the capsule deforms the tissue the body creates around the stent and degrades the shape of the silicone so that it can become damaged. touches.

This possibility can be minimized by paying attention to some factors. Appropriately sized, small, postoperative infection-free, clean, blood-free surgery reduces the likelihood of developing capsular sclerosis.

Breast asymmetry can occur depending on the healing period, swelling, and hardening of the breast. Affected by the surgery, there may be varying degrees of stiffness that can last for weeks or even months. In some cases, a plastic surgeon may recommend massaging the breast to increase its smoothness. Also, due to surgery, in some cases, there may be a loss of sensation in the nipple, there may be numbness that returns to normal with time in many cases.

Overall, breast augmentation surgery is one of the surgeries we perform straight out of the box and one of the most common procedures for women. However, in order to obtain satisfactory results for you, the surgery must be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. If there is no abnormality in the shape of the chest, there is no need to change it.

Frequently asked questions about breast augmentation

Who is silicone breast augmentation performed for?

Surgery can occur first for women with smaller breasts, followed by women with normal-sized breasts, which become small and saggy due to pregnancy or any other reason. Women with small, saggy breasts often use a bra with support. While the silicone surgery is placed under the breast tissue, it makes it a natural support and makes the breasts appear elevated. If the sagging is excessive, a lifting procedure is necessary.

What are the risks of developing breast cancer after silicone breast augmentation surgery?

Silicone came into the spotlight when women with silicone implants in the United States sued the world’s most famous plastic surgeon and a silicone-producing company. Well-known companies have been studying silicon for years. The results of each study are the same, silicon does not cause cancer. It’s more interesting here; There is a retrospective study of women who had silicone breast surgery but not found that women who used silicone were less likely to develop breast cancer than women who did not.

What type of silicone is used?

A disadvantage of stents containing saline is that they are more rigid than stents containing a gel-like liquid and can leak. I prefer using gel swatches to tighten the skin because it looks more natural.

How is breast augmentation surgery performed?

This can be done in three ways. On the front of the breast, under the breast, or in the armpit. I prefer to make an incision from the bottom of the breast. If the diameter of the brown circle on the breast is more than 35 cm, the operation can be performed from this part as well, but it seems that the operation from the bottom has little effect on the breast. As for the operation, its effects appear from the armpits, while wearing a T-shirt or lying in the sun.

Is it possible to pass milk after the operation?

After breast augmentation, patients can express their milk comfortably without any side effects on milk composition and breastfeeding. When pregnancy occurs, silicone is not extracted during the procedure and there is no need for that. You can breastfeed your baby healthily.

How do I determine the size of the brace to be used for breast augmentation?

1. Adjusting the size of the breast according to the requirements of the person requesting the surgery or according to the proportion of the body. But the surgeon must explain some standard parameters to the patient. They are average height and weight, width of the chest, thickness or thinness of the skin, volume of breast tissue, location of the nipples and brown areolas in the breast, basic measurements of the breast are present. Based on these criteria, the doctor and patient work together to select the appropriate brace.

How long is the silicone stent used?

It may last for life and may need to be changed after 15-20 years. How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation? Since the procedure takes 1-2 hours and can be performed in less time, patients can be discharged the same day or stay in the hospital overnight. Kotb Al-Khayyat heals himself myself within 7 days. Patients can return to work within three days.

Can the difference between the two breasts be balanced?

If the difference between the breasts is only in size and not sagging, experienced surgeons can achieve a uniform breast size during surgery by selecting the appropriate abutment.

Can I remove the holder at any time?

Under local anesthesia, you can remove the stent you want in 15-20 minutes.

Can I use braces for sagging breasts?

Yes, it is used. In fact, the purpose of the brace is to enlarge it as well as fix it underneath and remove sagging breast tissue. However, there should be slight sagging in the chest. In case of obvious sagging, lifting should also be performed.

What is the basis for breast augmentation prices changing in 2020?

Breast augmentation price: Depending on the patient’s current condition, the shape, type and brand of silicone varies in different hospitals, and one of the factors that affect the price of breast augmentation is whether the patient’s breasts droop or not. chest. Breast augmentation surgery, if there is sagging, requires superior lift surgery. No state or private insurance pays for breast augmentation. To find out the price of breast augmentation for the current period of 2014, the necessary tests must be carried out.

Of course, the first thing we recommend to patients who want to have breast augmentation is silicone breast augmentation. It is widely used in breast augmentation surgeries all over the world. In recent years, breast augmentation with fat injection has also become popular.

What if the patient does not want surgery! ! !

Some patients are afraid of surgery, anesthesia, recovery periods, side effects, and complications and cannot persuade them to undergo surgery. This is Aquafilling for non-surgical breast augmentation ideal for such patients. Breast augmentation is done without surgery by injecting a filler from the bottom of the breast.

Aquafilling breast filler

Aquafilling is a gel defined as a physiological 9% water solution of sodium chloride, similar to a blood brine, placed in a matrix with a three-dimensional molecular structure consisting of synthetic linear polyamides. There are multiple hydrogen bonds within the carbonyl and amine group present in the aquafilling filler.

The carboxyl groups form a positive charge on the structure, and because of this positive charge in the filling, the presence of a water gel attracts negatively charged particles into the matrix, increasing the volume of the durable soft tissue. Shaping the buttocks, beautifying the treatment of curvature of the legs and deposits on the body.

Under what conditions can breast augmentation be performed without surgery?

If the patient complains about the size and dimensions of the breast

If the patient wants to enlarge her breasts by one or two sizes

For patients who want to fill the breast a little and increase the vitality of the breast

The filling is placed with a very slight sagging.

However, if significant sagging occurs, breast augmentation surgery is more appropriate.

How long does breast augmentation last without surgery?

The laid filler can be used for 5-6 years. Because of its composition, it breaks down little by little and moves away from the body. One of its greatest advantages is that it can be re-injected again.

How is breast augmentation performed without surgery?

The application is carried out under local anesthesia and takes 30-60 minutes. First, the breasts are sterilized using local anesthesia. Then a needle or a thin tube is inserted through which the filler is injected throughout the breast to give the breast its shape. There is no pain during application and patients can see results immediately.

What can I expect after breast augmentation without surgery?

There is no need for surgery after breast augmentation, and patients can continue their normal lives. There will be slight swelling in the breast after the surgery and the swelling will disappear completely after about a week.

Another cause of bloating is the anesthesia used in the breast and its size. Patients can wear tight bras during this period, and it is recommended to stay away from strenuous exercise for a week.

Does breast augmentation affect milk production and lactation?

The surgery is performed under the breast tissue and does not interfere or affect the nipple or breast. Therefore, it does not prevent pregnancy and milk production.

Are there any side effects of using Aquafilling for non-surgical breast augmentation?

All studies conducted on this filler material since 2004 have proven that it is very safe. No carcinogens, side effects or incompatibility with Aquafilling were found.





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