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Vaser liposuction process

Vaser liposuction process

Society has become accepting the ideal body and no longer accepts anything less than the ideal body, and we see the stars of society showing their beautiful bodies. We admire their ability to adhere to such bodies that show the bully and youth

They all have a will that we don’t have, enabling them to exercise regularly, and why don’t they age like us? Or is there a secret in it?

Can traditional liposuction techniques lead to such bodies? Or does it need a special kind of treatment? What is a 4D laser (vaser)? Could it be a solution to obesity and obesity problems? And what can be used? How much does vaser liposuction cost? Are body sculpting operations the only use of the vaser technique? for liposuction?


What is the vaser liposuction process?

Laser liposuction using a 4D laser (vaser), is a process through which the fat surrounding the muscles is dissolved very precisely. The four-dimensional laser is distinguished from other ancient techniques as a very precise tool that enables the doctor to sculpt the shape of the muscles with movement and comfort, and is characterized by its ability to remove fat without harming muscle tissue. Vaser enables the doctor to sculpt very precise areas that other techniques cannot reach, such as sculpting the shape of the jaw muscles for example, and getting rid of unwanted fat from the arms and thighs.

In fact, this technology uses high energy and precision waves and not laser waves, but it is known in phantom because of its extreme accuracy that outperforms other techniques and looks very specific.

Candidates for Vaser Liposuction

A person who meets height and weight requirements is a suitable candidate for laser liposuction. If your height is 165 cm, then your ideal weight is about 62 kg; If your weight is more than that, you are very obese, so the vaser procedure can be performed. Localized weight gain is not general weight gain.

Vaser operation can be performed to adjust the consistency of one area of ​​the body, even if you do not feel any weight gain or fat in that area. Reduce it to 500g or less. Fat is much less than that, however it makes a huge difference in appearance.

The vaser technique can be used to sculpt the perfect six points without the need for difficult and exhausting exercises.

After the surgery, the patient returns to his normal life and does not suffer from any side effects, and the maximum that he can suffer from is some slight swelling in the area from which the liposuction was done. This swelling will disappear within two days at most.

Steps for vaser liposuction procedure


This procedure is done under local anesthesia and you don’t need anything more than that. Some patients who are very stressed during the procedure may be put under a mild sedative (sedative) effect during the procedure. You can also undergo general anesthesia in the case of liposuction from multiple places on the body.

surgical incision

Only a small incision is made to insert the cannula. A liquid consisting of a saline solution is injected, which increases the thickness of the desired fat layer. This question has several purposes:

  1. The anesthetic fluid numbs this area.

Helps reduce blood loss. The substance enhances blood flow by widening the blood vessels and causing them to constrict.

  1. Reduces bruising and inflammation.
  2. Increases the speed of recovery.

It’s easy to target fat to get rid of it precisely.

Vaser liposuction and muscle drawing

The doctor inserts another cannula that targets the fat and turns it into liquid cells so that it is absorbed without causing any damage to the nerves, tissues or blood vessels in the area from which the fat is being suctioned.

Vaser technology targets fat cells, enabling them to target the fat between muscle fibers and sculpt muscles with movement and comfort. Other techniques can only target visible fat, and cannot sculpt muscle with movement or rest. The muscle is still loose at the time of surgery.

Surgical incision closure

The cannula is removed, the small incision is closed, and the operation is completed successfully.

Possible risks and complications of liposuction 

  • Risks of bleeding during the operation.
  • Risks of bruising and infection.
  • Risks of injuries to non-fatty tissues (redness and inflammation).
  • After surgery, there is a risk of infection.
  • Risks of blood clots and blood clots during or after the operation.
  • Some injuries may occur if the doctor using the device is inexperienced.

Vaser liposuction consultation

In consultation with the patient, the patient makes the decision about who will perform the surgery, and the doctor can mark some lines in the places where the incisions will be made, because they are areas that may cause inconvenience to the patients.

During the consultation, the patient tells the doctor about his previous condition, any surgeries he has had, and any medications he is currently taking. Tests may be required before the process is complete.

History of vaser liposuction

Liposuction is a safe and effective way to remove fat from areas of the body that have been surgically cleansed. Doctors quickly rejected the ultrasound technology when it was first introduced because they deemed it unsafe. It includes patients with burns or infections during or after the operation.

After 2001, the term vaser emerged as an acronym for (vibrational amplification of sound energy upon resonance). Ultrasound machines use these vibrations to amplify the power of the sound. Time devices continued to evolve rapidly until they reached the fourth generation that allows them to capture and act on fat cells.

Before undergoing surgery, you should search for complete information about the plastic surgeon. You and your doctor must decide which procedure is best for you. Remember that half of the success of the surgery depends on choosing the right plastic surgeon

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