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Double chin removal surgery

Double chin removal surgery

Double chin removal surgery


Many health problems that we face in our lives, especially after the age of forty.
The story begins from facial wrinkles to joint pain, to fatty accumulations in different parts of the body

But with the continuous development in the health sector in general and cosmetic in particular, these problems or diseases have become a normal stage that can be treated radically and in a short time.

Have you noticed the presence of fatty lumps on the bottom of your neck? Or do you know someone with this problem?

After research, I learned that it is called a double chin or (lughing).


 First: What is a double chin?

The case of a double chin is in which the person’s neck is larger than the normal size, or more precisely, the area between the chin and the neck is the one that is larger than necessary. It is assumed that the task of this area is to set the boundaries between the chin and the neck and give the neck its flow and consistent shape when its borders slope down From the bottom of the chin at an almost right angle, drawing the borders of the jaw until it reaches the throat and then connects to the neck

In people with a double chin, these borders disappear, fill, sag and enlarge, creating a mass between the chin and neck area

Second: What are the causes of the appearance of a double chin?

Double chin appears for several reasons, not just obesity or overweight

A person may be skinny, but he has a double chin, the reason may be the accumulation of fat in that area and its accumulation, and that the neck does not consume its fat, but rather the fat accumulates under the skin until it grows up and that second chin is formed, and sometimes it is genetic and genetic reasons and it may be due to the problem of excessive sagging skin Or sagging the neck muscles themselves under the skin, and sometimes the jaw deformation or a problem with it is one of its causes, and by treating it, a double chin can be treated.


Third: Double chin removal surgery

There is no single operation to treat this problem, but many methods, surgeries, and even non-surgical methods have proven their worth and gave appropriate results.

The choice of the type of operation that you will undergo depends on the doctor you have chosen and the many options available to him, and also depends mainly on your condition itself, how bad and difficult it is, and what methods may be effective to treat your condition


Double chin laser removal

Laser double chin removal requires only half an hour, and the laser’s mechanism of action depends on its ability to penetrate the skin and dissolve all the excess and accumulated fat and rid the body of it, and with the process of getting rid of fat, it tightens both the skin and muscles and stimulates collagen and skin to recover and produce new cells powerful.

The result of the laser does not appear quickly like other methods, but it takes approximately 6 to 12 weeks for the results to appear


Surgical removal of a double chin

The operation is performed under general anesthesia

Then the doctor makes two small incisions behind both ears, and sometimes, if necessary, makes a third small incision under the chin, and then removes the fat accumulated in the chin by suctioning the accumulated fat through the incisions.

Then comes the process of adjusting and defining the neck and chin after the excess has been removed. The doctor first begins with the muscles. If the neck muscles are loose, he tightens them well, and if there is an excess part, he cuts and gets rid of it. Likewise, the skin of the neck, if the double chin is large, it will leave a lot of extra skin. Perhaps the doctor will need to cut it and get rid of it, so that the fatty lumps and excess skin are completely eliminated



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