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Hair transplantation .. the radical solution to baldness

Hair transplantation .. the radical solution to baldness

Internet pages are full of products to strengthen hair and treat baldness, including topical sprays, pills and herbs. Baldness is common among men, so you will find many drugs and hair products that are marketed as treating male baldness,
but are there really tangible results for these drugs? Do all of them treat baldness!
In the beginning, what are the causes of baldness?

Baldness is the partial or complete loss of hair follicles from the head. Baldness is more common in men and usually occurs after the age of 25, but it can affect younger men as well.

Researchers believe that the most common cause of male pattern baldness is genetic. This means that your hair loss is inherited from your parents. It is thought that men who have an older brother or father with male pattern baldness are more likely to develop male pattern baldness as well. Male pattern baldness is not caused by aging or bad genes, but rather by hormonal changes in the scalp and follicles.

Baldness or hair loss can be a symptom of many different medical conditions, but it can also be due to psychological anxiety


  • How is hair transplantation done?

Hair transplantation is performed in two ways. The first method, which is no longer approved, is the slide technique
, which is a surgical technique where the plastic surgeon cuts a part of the skin of the head from the top of the neck and sews the cut part that contains the follicles in the bald area. This technique is called the slide technique or

The currently approved technique is the FUE technique, and it is summarized in extracting hair follicles from the donor area (upper neck from the back between the ears) and cultivating the follicles in the bald area after creating micro-channels to incubate the follicles


Follicle transplantation with FUE technique

  • hair transplant techniques

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that is performed to restore hair on the bald scalp. In this procedure, small plugs of hair-bearing tissue are harvested from areas where hair grows healthy, usually the back and sides of the scalp. These individual grafts are then implanted into the balding areas on top of the head.

Hair transplant surgery can be considered as a last resort to treat hair loss. Helps restore lost hair to a large area. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves moving healthy hair from one part of the body to another, with the aim of repairing or rebuilding a specific area where new growth is required. This method has been used by people with conditions such as male pattern baldness and alopecia at an early stage, as well as by older individuals who

Hair transplantation technique is the process that is used to treat patients by restoring hair in any form. Hair restoration is not only done by doctors, but can also be performed by an ordinary person who cares about the problem of hair loss and wants to express his love to someone. With the right technique, we can use our non-existent hair or at least reduce its number in a way that makes it less visible to others. There is different



FUE . technology

It is the technique currently relied upon in hair transplantation for baldness cases that exceed seventy percent of the head area.
The doctor locally anesthetizes the head through the anesthetic liquid (lidocaine), and then the hair follicles are extracted from the donor area (behind the bottom of the head) and this area is rich in follicles and is not affected by the hormone Baldness
after harvesting the follicles, which usually number between 4000 and a maximum of 5500

Hair transplantation technique with DHI choi pen

This technique is relied on in cases of partial baldness or baldness of the niashen and the advancement of the forehead, and it is also relied upon to fill in the blanks and intensify the hair of women

The Choi pen technique is distinguished from the first hair transplant technique, which is that the implantation is done through a Choi pen

Where the pens are injected with the bulb, then the bulb is implanted in the scalp with the pen with a very fine silver tip.

This technique is suitable for those who suffer from baldness that does not exceed thirty percent of the head area in general

The process of hair transplantation takes approximately five hours and takes place over several sessions during one day and is carried out under the influence of local or full anaesthesia.


The results of the DHI hair transplant after 24 hours of transplantation


  • Hair transplant prices in Turkey 

The price of a hair transplant is determined according to the technology. The fees for the hair transplantation process using Choi pens are more than the normal picking technique.
Turkey is one of the best countries in terms of price in the field of hair transplantation, in addition to its distinction in terms of doctors with great experience



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