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orthopedic surgery

orthopedic surgery

orthopedic surgery

Nowadays, the list of impossible-to-treat diseases is not as long as it used to be

With the continuous development at the technological level and the emergence of modern systems in industry and agriculture, human medicine had the largest share of this paradigm shift in terms of diagnosis and treatment, providing satisfactory results and radical solutions.

Perhaps you have previously heard about orthopedic surgery or know a doctor who specializes in this department


What is orthopedic surgery ?

It is a branch of orthopedics concerned with conditions of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeons use surgical methods to treat musculoskeletal contusions, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, and congenital disorders in children or adults.


What cases are treated with orthopedic surgery?


Spinal curvature

It affects young adults, adults and teens and paves the way for social and physiological problems. In this department, all types of operations for scoliosis, vertebral fractures resulting from trauma and osteoporosis (bone melting ) operations are successfully performed.


Correction of congenital malformations in the bones of children 

They are congenital malformations resulting from genetic problems or as a result of mismanagement of the birth process, which may cause dislocations or fractures that heal in a wrong direction.


Chronic arthritis treatment

Surgical interventions are also used to treat chronic diseases in adults such as chronic arthritis. In most of these cases, doctors resort to full or laparoscopic surgery to give the patient drastic results, especially in chronic cases that have not responded to physical therapy or medications.


 Treatment of fractures and dislocations

Some cases of fractures or dislocations sometimes require surgical intervention, which is known as orthopedic surgery

There are some cases that do not respond to physical therapy or orthopedic orthosis with splinting and most of these cases are in the leg, knee, spine and shoulder dislocation

The reason for the ineffectiveness of physical therapy or orthodontics with orthosis is due to several reasons, the most important of which is the poor condition and medical history of the patient, such as his suffering from anemia or osteoporosis, and sometimes the reason is the fracture healing incorrectly as a result of a medical error or poor initial diagnosis.

The role of the specialist in orthopedic surgery is to provide a radical and final solution with a surgical operation performed under general anesthesia, after which the patient undergoes a period of observation and physical therapy.


Treatment of joints and bone tumors

Tuberculosis (TB) may appear in the bones and joints, and in this case, several symptoms appear, the most common of which are

Pain in the bones or joints, depending on the area of ​​the injury, and this is the most important symptom, especially in the early stages.

Difficulty moving the affected area or joint

Weakness of the affected bones and increased chances of fracture, in addition to severe back pain


orthopedic implant

In these cases, orthopedic surgery is relied upon to replace the affected bone, implant the artificial bone, or any of the alternatives to treat the condition. This mechanism is suitable for war casualties or severe sports injuries.

Complications of orthopedic surgery

Operation site pain

Allergic reaction to anesthesia

scar formation

Orthopedic surgery is performed on any part of the skeleton, including

shoulder and elbow


foot and ankle

hand and forearm

pelvis and spine

Orthopedic surgery in Turkey

Thanks to our specialized medical team, we provide orthopedic services for adults and children. Under the supervision of the best orthopedic doctors in Turkey, we secure the appropriate climate to provide the desired and appropriate results for patients, while providing all medical and logistical procedures, including accommodation, translation, and periodic pre- and post-operative examinations.

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